Ferg on Free Markets with Mike Beitler: Article V, Occupy Wall Street, and Immigration Trends

This week, Mike Beitler of Voice America Business invited me on for an examination of Article V and the National Debt Relief Amendment, the Occupy Wall Street protests (with Greece as a parallel), and the reality of immigration policy. Mike is a host (alongside his teaching and business consulting) I’ve grown to respect over the years, and I encourage people to have a listen. Don’t hesitate to email me feedback.

Here are the articles we discuss, and since they all have plenty of references, they provide an excellent starting point for those interested in a deeper examination.

During the interview, one person questioned how I came to an unfunded liability of $200 trillion – an immense figure to anyone. The economist with that calculation is Larry Kotlikoff, and here is one of his columns on Bloomberg.

Fergus Hodgson

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