‘Adapting to a changing world’

The latest TIME offers an interesting feature linked to the climate change debate.

While wedded to the alarmist line, Sean Gregory’s article offers a rarity for mainstream media coverage of climate-related issues: positive news.

In late July, Jock Wishart, a 55-year-old professional adventurer from Scotland who has been to the magnetic North Pole so many times that he has lost count, took off for the top of the world once again. This time, however, he packed a paddle for the 450-mile (725 km) journey. Why are Wishart and his crew attempting to become the first to row there? Because, rather suddenly, they can.

Climate change has finally melted enough ice and opened enough waterway for boats to reach that far north. “Ten years ago, we never would have thought this was remotely possible,” says Wishart, who through his journey seeks to raise awareness about global warming. He is also trying to raise awareness about the brand of scotch sponsoring his trip. “Hey, it keeps you warm,” Wishart says of Old Pulteney.

His chilling quest is calling attention to the stunning things tourists can do and see, thanks to the earth’s changing landscape.

Gregory’s closing line notes that these adventurers are “adapting to a changing world.” While that might shock some observers, it’s a common theme explored in this forum.

Mitch Kokai / Senior Political Analyst

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