Fired teacher assistant featured on WRAL gets rehired

Do you remember the story of Ashley Lancaster, a teacher assistant at B.T. Bullock Elementary School in Sanford?  Probably not.  She was the focus of a June 1, 2011 “Damn Republicans!” report by the folks at WRAL.

On the same day Republican lawmakers said they protected all public school teachers and teacher assistants in their proposed budget, Ashley Lancaster received a termination letter from Lee County Schools.


Her dismissal has nothing to do with her evaluations or performance, officials said, blaming it on state budget cuts.

Lee County Schools Superintendent Jeff Moss said dozens of teacher assistants and more than 50 teachers will lose their jobs in Lee County because of the $19.7 billion budget lawmakers have crafted. The Senate is expected to give final approval to the budget on Thursday and send it to the House.

“It’s as though blinders have been placed on all members of the General Assembly,” Moss said.

Well, it turns out that there was a happy ending to the story.  According to the district’s public information officer, Ashley was rehired by the Lee County Schools.  Congratulations, Ashley!

Terry Stoops / Vice President for Research and Director of Education Studies

Terry Stoops is the Vice President for Research and Director of Education Studies at the John Locke Foundation. Before joining the Locke Foundation, he worked as the progra...

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