Sexually Biased Insurance Mandates: Concealed Taxes Set to Backfire

Claims that the new federal mandates will save money, improve women’s health, and reduce unwanted pregnancies are naive or disingenuous.

In my weekly column with The Future of Freedom Foundation, I note that insurers, not politicians, know best how to conduct preventive care to reduce costs while still pleasing customers. The mandated coverage will, in fact, raise costs and impose an economic outcome comparable to straight taxation and universal provision.

Albeit counter-intuitive, evidence also suggests that greater provision of birth control increases the number of unplanned pregnancies. Additionally, the gender bias in favor of women is more consistent with placating Planned Parenthood and certain pharmaceutical companies than with health goals, as Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has noted.

Fergus Hodgson

Director of fiscal policy studies at the John Locke Foundation, policy advisor with The Future of Freedom Foundation, and host of The Sta...

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