Mel Watt takes ball, goes home

From The Hill:

Rep. Mel Watt (D-NC) said he does not often debate on the House floor, for three reasons. The first is because Republicans are “tone deaf,” and are “not really listening to what anybody is saying to them.” Secondly, he said they don’t care about the substance of the bill up tonight on the floor, which he said would force women and children to go hungry.

“And third, they just make up stuff, you know,” he said. “They have this, you know, if we repeat it enough, it’s got to be true, and we’ll convince the American people of about anything if we just keep saying it over and over again. Or they lie about it … “

David N. Bass

Communications Director and Grants Officer for the John William Pope Foundation. Views expressed are his own.

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  • JonHam

    If that’s not a classic case of projection, I don’t know what is.