House Finance

Early this morning the House Finance Committee met to discuss several of the bills on their calendar.

For the first hour H.B. 315, Taxpayer Information Act, was debated. Several people from the public spoke in favor of the bill, including Robert Orr, from the N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law, a spokesperson from American’s for Prosperity and a representative from the Civitas Institute.

Mr. McBride, a bond lawyer spoke out against the bill, saying it is doubtful that voters will understand the bond descriptions on the ballot and that it reduces local government’s flexibility. Rep. Ross agreed with Mr. McBride and thought the we shouldn’t make any change to the current laws. Rep. Collins argued that not giving voters the information the bill calls for is misleading and therefore he supported the bill. The bill failed 17:13.

H.B. 494, Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Law Changes, was passed and re-referred to House Appropriations Subcommittee on Justice and Public Safety.

H.B. 841, Global TransPark PED Study PCS was passed after some conversation in which it was pointed out by the bill sponsor, Rep Howard, that around 2o years ago the G.A. agreed to take responsibility for paying the Global TransPark Authority debt if they were unable to make payments (which is currently the case). The money will be taken from the general fund. The bill is re- referred to House Appropriations.

H.B. 376, Retirement Technical Corrections. -AB,  PCS was passed with no debate.

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