House Judiciary B

Today the House Judiciary B Committee made it through several bills.

H.B. 636, Amend Financial Transaction Card Theft, passed unanimously .

H.B. 742, Weigh Marijuana/Conform to Federal Law, also passed unanimously.

H.B. 761, Ignition Interlock Systems/Record Check, did the same and was referred to Fiance.

H.B. 12, PCS Entitled: Pseudoephedrine/Schedule III Drug was the bill most heavily discussed. The PCS gives exemptions to certain Pseudoephedrine products, so that only the tablet form needs a prescription. One of the bill sponsors stated that based this bill will not cause an uptake in doctors appointments, because patients can get other OTC drugs that do the same thing as Pseudoephedrine. He also argued that this law is necessary in order to address N.C.’s growing meth problem and that simply having a database to track the sale of Pseudoephedrine doesn’t help (according to data from other states that have tried this measure). The committee ran out of time though and is planning to meet later today to further discuss the bill.

H.B. 842, Immunity for Property Owners in Emergencies, was pulled from the calendar.

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