Berger says GOP wants to reduce class sizes (oy vey)

I choose to be passive aggressive and will not link to the AP article that outlines the GOP’s long-term plan to reduce class sizes in grades K-3.

A recent Brookings Institute report, Class Size: What Research Says and What it Means for State Policy, pointed out that schools can realize meaningful increases in student achievement if they reduce class sizes by 7-10 students.  According to Sen. Phil Berger, the GOP wants to reduce classes from 18 students to 15 students, but research suggests that they would need to reduce average class sizes to 8-11 students to produce sizable, long-term gains.  Are Republicans prepared to double the size of the teacher workforce in grades K-3?

By the way, Democrats have a long-term plan to reduce class sizes too.

Terry Stoops / Director of the Center for Effective Education | John Locke Foundation

Terry Stoops is the Vice President for Research and Director of Education Studies at the John Locke Foundation. Before joining the Locke Foundation, he worked as the progra...