NC’s Rail Boonboggle

Some argue that there is no rational reason to oppose the $461 million that the feds are sending to NC for rail improvements.  My Herald Sun op-ed lists several very rational reasons to turn back this money just like Florida, Wisconsin and Indiana have.  Here is just one.

Rail backers also seem unconcerned about Amtrak’s operating losses. For example, Amtrak’s Sunset Limited (New Orleans to Los Angeles) loses $462 per passenger, and the Coast Starlight (Los Angeles to Seattle) loses $136 per passenger. During the 2000s, Amtrak’s annual deficit was around $1 billion, and the 2009 federal stimulus package pumped an additional $1.3 billion into Amtrak. It seems that late-night comedians have plenty of fodder to insert into their routines. Can anyone provide a rational argument for the case that it will be different this time?



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