The Nation on Shutdown: “Blame GOP Heartlessness and Democratic Cowardice”

The Left is not happy. Contributing Columnist Ari Berman blames both parties for a potential shutdown in this piece for The Nation, and he has particularly stinging criticism for President Obama:


Despite the alarming projections of how the House Republican budget would harm the country, it’s the Democrats who have been on the defensive during the budget debate, principally because President Obama has declined to seriously engage in the discussions or outline an alternative narrative on the economy that is distinct from the GOP. Though they hold only one house of Congress, House Republicans act like they’re in control of the entire government, with little pushback from the White House or Senate Democrats. Both parties now endorse the idea that spending cuts are the best cure for our ailing economy, even though there is no evidence that is the case.

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  • Jon Sanders

    That paragraph is almost not a facepalm.