Showdown in Wisconsin

Voters in the Badger State are holding a referendum of a sort on Gov. Scott Walker’s courageous stand against the public employee unions. Conservative Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is being challenged by a left-wing activist who’s become the darling of the unions and progressives and everyone else in the state seeking to make Walker pay. The state Supreme Court now has a 4-3 split (see correction below), with the left in the minority.

But as Christian Schneider points out at The Corner, if Prosser loses, any legislation Walker signs that the unions don’t like may be thrown into court, where liberals can overturn it, making the executive and legislative branches of government more or less irrelevant.

Whatever happens, today’s vote reinforces the point that the recipients of government largess have very long memories (and plenty of time on their hands). Meantime, those favoring fiscal responsiblity and individual liberty should be reminded (once again) of the need for eternal vigilance.

CORRECTION: Conservatives have a 4-3 advantage on the court. If Prosser loses, liberals will hold a 4-3 majority. (I relied on The Guardian for the earlier, 5-4 figure.)

Rick Henderson / Editor-in-chief, Carolina Journal

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