The Big Cat: Nailed

Think we’ve overstated the negative impact on the Panthers caused by Jerry Richardson’s hardball labor stance? Word of Richardson’s low-rent slamming of Drew Brees and Peyton Manning is echoing across the league. The Big Cat essentially tried to pull the same bigfoot stunt he gets away with locally only to watch it blow up in his face, with even fellow owners wondering if Richardson had lost his marbles.

If you do not think Richardson is headed down the same path as George Shinn, Art Modell, Donald Sterling, and other reviled owners you are simply not paying attention.

Reader Comments

  • clayj

    Aaaaaand there goes the last iota of respect I had for Jerry.

  • “….last iota of respect I had for Jerry.”

    I don’t think Jerry is going to lose too much sleep.

    “Touchy” Feeley needs to keep his mouth shut. Jerry is doing what needs to be done in these negotiations. You don’t go into battle with the players union and coddle them.

    And I’m sorry, but the players could play an 18 game schedule with no problem.