Campbell Flips on Easleys

Been slow going here at Meck Deck central as we’ve been glued to the live blogging of the Board of Elections train wreck over at the Locker Room.

Nutshell, the Easleys are screwed. They are trying to make McQueen Campbell the fall-guy for everything they’ve done in office and he is having none of it. That the Easleys have taken this route tells me they are desperate indeed.

I fully expect Mike Easley to be indicted.

Reader Comments

  • Skyler the Weird

    Think of all the Observer Investigations the past 8 years if Easley had been Republican. No one would have graced the door of a chicken plant. Cruelest Cuts indeed

  • I’m sure Rick and Ann and Taylor can explain it all to your poor, little, confused brain.

    See, it all starts with HAVING to send 3 reporters to Durham to cover a gang rape….

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  • Tandemfusion

    An acquaintance who works within the Federal system told me months ago, that indictments are a near certainty, and have been for a while, the delay owing to the needs to account for all of the possible problems/defenses. . .

  • concerned republican

    Is Mary still taking legal action against NC State for firing her? Does she still think NC taxpayers want her to work for them?

  • bruce

    I would hire them both as consultants . They could tell me how a criminal mind thinks so I can protect my family and property better.