State overlords are very precise in determining hospital beds

Barking madness care of the State of North Carolina:

A three-way battle for new hospital beds in Wake County is shaping up between WakeMed, Rex Healthcare and Novant Health.

State regulators have determined that, based on growth projections, the county needs another 41 hospital beds.

As if they know!

What the regulators at state Division of Health Service Regulation are really doing is preventing people in Wake County from having access to as many hospital beds as those businesses (the hospitals) are willing to provide. I repeat my earlier statement that the state’s prevention of hospital construction like this ought to be criminal in a free society. It truly is a “crazy, Soviet-style system.”

Jon Sanders / Research Editor and Senior Fellow, Regulatory Studies

Jon Sanders studies regulatory policy, a veritable kudzu of invasive government and unintended consequences. As director of regulatory studies at the John Locke Foundation, Jo...