UNC gets its Nichol back

I’m not surprised, and for UNC’s sake, I can only hope it’s an end to the Nichol-for-chancellor movement (on the assumption that, given the situation, sometimes a really bad idea is the only plausible way to stop a truly terrible one). The N&O reports:

Gene Nichol, the former UNC-Chapel Hill law dean who stepped down abruptly last month as president of The College of William & Mary, has accepted an offer to rejoin the law faculty at UNC-CH.

Nichol and his wife, Glenn George, were both tenured faculty members while Nichol ran the law school from 1999 to 2005. Pending the same review process other prospective faculty members undergo, the duo would receive tenured faculty posts again starting July 1, said Jack Boger, the law school’s current dean.

I suppose we will all be treated to more political and economic nonsense, bizarre Constitutional interpretations that get laughed out of court, and other public writings from the man whose leadership has been marked with poor judgment, from bringing in John Edwards to embarrass UNC to mounting a multipronged effort to embarrass William & Mary.

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