Please, make it stop

It’s gotten beyond parody (well … almost). Now we’ve come to even more overt appeals to racism and sexism in the Democratic primary. The AP announces: “Bill Clinton: Race, gender key in S.C.” A snippet:

Bill Clinton said Wednesday he expects blacks to vote for Barack Obama and women to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the dynamic may cause his wife to lose the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary Saturday.

The comments by the former president — who also lashed out at Obama and the news media — mark one of the starkest commentaries yet on the possible role of race, although it has been a subtext of the Obama-Clinton rivalry for months.

This infamous campaign spot from 1990 is far too understated
on race issues, at least by today’s Democratic Party standards.

Jon Sanders / Research Editor and Senior Fellow, Regulatory Studies

Jon Sanders studies regulatory policy, a veritable kudzu of invasive government and unintended consequences. As director of regulatory studies at the John Locke Foundation, Jo...