Special Session, Override of Gov. Easley’s Veto

Of course, they wouldn’t call it unless they had counted the votes.  Don’t count on a difference of opinion between the party’s on this one.  Even GOP folks love to forego tax revenues and support corporate welfare.  Rumor mill has 30 GOP and about 55 Dem votes to override the veto.  3/5th are needed to override.

This $40 million boondoggle isn’t for new jobs, it’s simply to keep folks here.  One house member said they were concerned about bidding against Alabama.  When House members talk like that they’ve lost their ability to be objective.  Supporters of Dell said the same thing about Virginia when it turned out that NC gave away 10 times as much as Virginia was offering. In fact, almost all companies in NC should apply to the legislature for their special break since they built the economy here.

The Gov. actually got this one right realizing how bad this bill is for NC:  “(This bill) would set a dangerous precedent for North Carolina?s
economic development policy and is not fair to her taxpayers,
” Easley

Sadly, the GOP rank and file legislative members supporting this measure will yet again give North Carolinians no reason to support them over their Democrat colleagues next year. Grass roots activists will breath yet another collective sigh hopeful that there would eventually be leadership to challenge this absurd policy of spending and only providing tax relief to select companies rather than the citizens and companies in the whole state.

Which party chair (Dem or GOP) will issue the first support or opposition to this giveaway or will they stay meek and silent?   


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