Ed Peacock: On the Issues

Continuing with our survey of at-large Republican city council candidates:

1. What is the greatest challenge facing Charlotte today?

Peacock: For this election, the greatest challenge is facing Charlotte today is schools and transportation.

2. Which is your higher priority — Making Charlotte a great place to live or making Charlotte a great place to visit?

Peacock: Charlotte has always been a great place to live. It is becoming a better place to visit. Both are important to our future!

3. Do you support or oppose the repeal of half-cent transit tax for transit?

Peacock: Oppose the repeal.

4. Identify at least one segment/department/fund of city government that might be a candidate for cost savings.

Peacock: That’s a tough one and no one specific segment or area jumps out at me. I certainly know it would not be in areas/departments that relate to keeping our public safe!

5. Given the new change in state law allowing tax increment financing to be used to build schools and parks, do you support exploring interlocal agreements which might be used to help build schools/parks in the city?

Peacock: That depends. TIF financing in the contect of schools/parks is a new method which should be evaluated extensively and especially in the unique confines of Charlotte.

Thanks to Ed Peacock for his response. David Romero’s can be found here, John Lassiter’s here, and Jerry Mudge’s here.

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