Beason Totes A Gun

Gun Totin’ Lobbyists, who’ll listen to you when you have a gun?   Wonder if he ever carried into the General Assembly, could explain a lot.

RALEIGH — A former lobbyist who allegedly loaned former House speaker
Jim Black $500,000 is facing a misdemeanor charge related to a
confrontation with another driver.
News and Observer reports 68-year-old Don Beason is charged with
assault for pointing a gun at a couple in July. The incident happened
in the parking lot of a gas station off Oberlin Road near Cameron
Prosecutors say Beason pulled out a silver
revolver and waved it at the couple. After the couple called 911,
police pulled Beason over.
Beason could face as many as 60 days in jail or as little as probation or a fine.

How is this just now newsworthy? 

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