Hurricanes and Man’s Survival

I must admit I’m a fan of Pat Michaels.  For whatever reason, can’t hear him without thinking of the Simpsons (something about his voice).  Anyway, he has a great piece over at the American Spectator that is worth reading about hurricanes. 

On September 28, 1955, a Category 5 hurricane named Janet slammed into Chetumal, on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, killing over 600 people.
Hurricane Dean, another Category 5, and the third-strongest storm ever measured at landfall, hit in exactly the same place last Friday and killed no one. Maximum winds in both storms were indistinguishable. . .Probably for the first time in human history, a Category 5 storm hit a populated area and everyone lived.

This is important information.  Essentially, regardless of what one thinks about climate change, the human species’ ability to adapt is astounding.  The entire piece is worth reading, if for no other reason than to show what simple, concise, common sense writing looks like.  Another splendid excerpt:

The truth is that money in the hand is a lot more useful than treaties on paper when it comes to sparing yourself and your family from bad weather. So people truly worried about climate change should be cheerleading for the global trade and economic development that will continue allowing us to adapt.

But I doubt the Church of Climate Change is cheering the survival of so many people  Dying people would have allowed a great deal more fund-raising to take place. HT-PC

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