An Incentive Even The Gov Can’t Sign?

Yes, tis true, and yet strange, one might even say odd.  The Gov who loves incentives may have finally met his match

RALEIGH ? The $40 million incentives plan the General
Assembly approved for Fayetteville?s Goodyear plant could be facing a
veto by the governor.

Critics say the bill marks a dangerous precedent by giving public
money to companies that don?t create jobs, and it also fails to
withhold or recover money should the companies fall short of their
funding requirements.

And watching Glazier (D-Cumberland) defend it is quite funny. 

?The governor is seriously considering a veto on it,? said state
Rep. Rick Glazier, the Fayetteville Democrat who sponsored the bill.
?We?ve had several discussions with the governor and his staff …
trying to dissuade a veto and come up with an alternate plan if

And locals are ponying up as well to create NO jobs.

The city of Fayetteville, Cumberland County and Fayetteville Technical
Community College have promised $17 million combined in cash and other

It must come as a surprise to Sen. Tony Rand (D-Cumberland), who sponsored the bill in the Senate, that the Governor actually has more power than him.  Well, only constitutionally.

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