Can Neil Peirce Vote on Transit?

If not, little reason to pay attention to his alt-history hagiography of Mayor Pat McCrory.

But it does provide a fascinating window on the narrative that McCrory spins and lives in everyday. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the repeal effort.

Recall that a year ago — before the repeal effort was underway and long before the March revelation that the petition effort for repeal was active — McCrory was spinning his I’m-just-trying-to-lead-from-the-center storyline.

I made a commitment when I started this whole process nine years ago that I was going to try to keep the politics out of transportation decisions. And base it upon the facts. And I feel strongly about that for both roads and transit.

And I think the state politicizes the roads too much, and at times we have to be careful not to politicize transit too much.
And I’ve got people on my right who don’t want any transit and I have people on my left who want transit, especially light rail, everywhere. And I think both are wrong.

Again, that was over a year ago. Now the city’s PR machine runs to car-hating New Urbanist Peirce to to get a glowing review of Mayor Pat and his daring-to-lead program.

What a joke.

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