Glad I don’t have HIM for a professor

In a lengthy campaign brochure disguised as a news story, The Herald-Sun ran all over Durham looking for people to say nice things about Mike (“Why do they need lawyers?”) Nifong. One wonders how many negative comments found their way into the delete-key ozone. But one comment really got me. It was from Duke professor Peter Euben (emphasis added):

“I think Mr. Nifong made some mistakes,” he said. “But I also know it [the lacrosse incident] was an incredibly fraught situation. Did he do an exemplary job? No. Would I have done any better? No. To take that one particular case and blow it up as if it’s the whole world is wrong. It would be a mistake to make too much of it.”

A trained seal could have done better. Every rule of prosecutorial demeanor and professionalism was broken by Nifong as he rushed headlong into that bright light of notoriety last March. It was a disgraceful performance. There’s no other way to put it.