Turnabout is fair play

OK, Roger Sharpe never was on WSJS yesterday. It was never mentioned in the half hour I listened to the program, so I got the impression he had to leave early, not that he was never there.

Sharpe’s excuse?

Sharpe’s spokeswoman, Miranda Burgin, said that he was called away to Raleigh in an unavoidable gathering of family and friends.

“Roger was asked to be present to support a family friend who he has known for 40 years. This is indicative of the kind of person Roger is. Roger values his family, friends, and community and when such situations arise it is in his nature to present to show his support,” she said in an e-mail.

Sharpe could not be reached for comment.

The Journal reminds us that Foxx turned down several opportunities to appear with Foxx in public forums, including a debate on WFDD:

One of the largest audiences would have come with a debate on public-radio station WFDD, moderated by a faculty member at Wake Forest University. Foxx turned down the chance. She said during the interview on WSJS yesterday that she could not attend that debate because of a prior engagement.

But would that forum have accepted phone calls from listeners? Perhaps Sharpe, for some reason, was shy about taking off-the-cuff questions from AM radio listeners. Yeah, a couple of callers challenged Foxx yesterday, but what we know by-and-large what kind of people listen to AM radio.

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