Despite being banned from the studio, the Journal gets its story on Foxx-Sharpe debate, with a little help from media partner FOX-8.

It looks like the ususal barbs were traded, although Foxx pointed out that she didn’t rubber-stamp every Bush administration policy:

Foxx has not shied away from supporting of Bush, but she has separated herself from the president on such issues as illegal immigration, a Katrina-aid package worth a $51.8 million, and foreign trade.

Foxx voted against the Central American Foreign Trade Agreement, which Bush strongly supported. She also took heat for voting against the Katrina-aid package; she said at the time that she was worried about money being misspent. Media reports about post-Katrina expenditures show that there have been cases of misspending.

“Roger calls me a rubber stamp, but everyone in the administration asked me to vote for CAFTA, and I said ‘No.’ So, you can’t call me a rubber stamp,” Foxx said.

FYI, you’ll be able to catch both candidates on WSJS from 3 to 6 pm today.

Sam Hieb / Contributing Editor

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