I know you’re all asking, “What’s Eve Ensler doing now?”

Well, ask no longer; here it is:

Love Your Tree is a space for women ? and men ? to further explore issues raised after seeing Eve Ensler’s new Broadway play “The Good Body” which addresses why women of all cultures and backgrounds ? whether undergoing Botox injections or living beneath burkhas ? feel compelled to change the way they look in order to fit in, to be accepted, to be “good.” Love Your Tree is an installation and living vision conceived by Ensler. …

This woman is a very shrewd self-promoter, I’ll give her that. She’s got the market cornered on well-intentioned feminist claptrap that’s too absurd for words. But you know she can’t be serious ? she’s equating the Taliban imposition of burkhas on women out of pain of death or dismemberment with simple vanity (Botox injections).

And don’t think I’m jumping to conclusions with the Taliban ? if you’ll recall, she used to have a “vagina” from Afghanistan as part of her “Vagina Monologues,” until the U.S. defeated the Taliban. Ensler, like many other feminists, was divided over who to root for ? America, always the default World Evil, or the Taliban. Finally she settled upon the message “Afghanistan is everywhere” and resumed her self-promotion on the ground that women have it just as rough here as, well, “everywhere.”

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