Just a little political sign of the times

For ?Locker Room? readers who aren?t familiar with the immediate surroundings of the John Locke Foundation in downtown Raleigh, our offices are across Hilsborough Street from a Catholic Church. On Sundays, our parking lot is partially or fully taken over by worshippers.

As I am working today (Sunday), my car is parked next to many such worshippers. When I went out to get some lunch, I noticed two different items stuck underneath my wiper blades. Both are from National Right to Life. One is a handbill featuring a large picture of an infant and the words, ?The little guy wants you to vote for president Bush and a Pro-Life Congress,? and goes onto tell the reader that John Kerry voted against a partial-birth abortion ban six times. Other differences between the two candidates are detailed.

The other item is a smaller, less colorful item listing all of the statewide and legislature candidates endorsed by the North Carolina PAC for Right to Life. For the Senate, the only endorsements clearly not for Republicans were in District 1 (both Marc Basnight and Ron Tippin endorsed), District 27 (both candidates endorsed), and, significantly, District 22, where Democratic Oscar Harris got the nod over incumbent Republican Harris Blake. In the House, the only non-Republican endorsement was Democratic incumbent Jim Crawford in District 32.

Talk about your GOTV efforts.

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