How UNC celebrates Valentine’s Day

It’s all about sex ? groovy, baby. Of course, UNC-CH’s “Center for Healthy Student Behaviors” says it wants to “celebrate and promote healthy relationships and sexual health,” but after the mention of “healthy relationships” that’s the last you hear of it, but after that you’ll happen upon words with “sex” in them 11 times.

Since it shows a tangential concern about HIV, I think that perhaps the Center for the Euphemism for Promoting Sex Among Students should not have said “healthy relationships” (which would imply emotional maturity and responsibility and not, say, leaving the bar with your date, taking the Center’s “safe sex” packets handed to you, &c.) ? but “‘healthy’ relations.”

Not to sound cynical (not me), but it sounds as if the university aspires to be as good at teaching students about romantic love as it is about teaching them the intellectual and philosophical underpinnings of classic liberalism and conservative thought.

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