Karl Rove crying?

That’s what the results from Iowa have done, claims Clintonian poli-guru Dick Morris. Morris sez if the Democrats put up a more middle-of-the-road candidate like John Edwards, then George Bush may have to deviate from a campaign script which had him facing either a liberal or ultra-liberal.

But Morris also notes Edwards’ looming money problem: He is almost totally dependent on trial lawyers for his campaign cash. He must race to the front of the field soon enough — by Super Tuesday? — to broaden his donor base before his well runs dry during the TV-intensive phase of the campaign.

And Morris asserts that Bush’s re-election will turn on getting U.S. troops out of Iraq, or at least starting that process. I’d take it one step further: There is no way George Bush stands in front of the GOP convention in prime time without having made some sort of bring-the-troops-home gesture.