RE: More Howling

The first thing I thought of upon hearing Dean’s rant was Rick Flair, but a friend of mine suggested that it was Rick on a bad day. As he put it “Governor, I knew Ric Flair. I was friends with Ric Flair. And you, Governor Dean, are no Ric Flair.” But he also recalled a Flair monologue directed toward Dusty Rhodes after Dusty humiliated him and the Four Horseman back in the late 80s. The similarities to Dean’s rant are uncanny. Quoting the Nature Boy:

“Dream, you may have pulled one over on the Nature Boy tonight in Greensboro, but the Horsemen have long memories. We will beat you in Charlotte. We will beat you in Atlanta. We will beat you in Chicago, in St. Louis, in Phila- “Whooooooo” -delphia. And “Whooooo” we will fly down to the great state of Texas “Whoooooooo” and will take apart this Son of Plumber in your hometown of Austin, by God, Texas, “Whoooooooo.”

Is there anything more to say?