signs of balance at UNC-CH?

It appears Barbara Ehrenreich and Ann Coulter may be making visits to Chapel Hill this semester.

The debate in Student Congress over helping to pay for Coulter suggests that conservatives’ complaints of their ideas being excluded from the campus forum is indeed being heard:

Natalie Russell, finance committee chairwoman, stressed the importance of bringing different viewpoints to the University. …

“Our main goal is not to fund one political spectrum,” [Speaker Will] DuPont said. “Our funds are for student activities and interests and should appeal to a wide variety of students.”

The debate was preceded by a speech by Dean Bresciani, interim vice chancellor for student affairs. Bresciani urged the members of Congress to focus all of their energy on student representation rather than personal representation.

“As you’re debating and looking at controversial issues, ask yourself this: ‘Am I doing what students elected me to do?'” he said.

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