A well-researched whine

The News & Observer tells of a defeated NCSU student-body president candidate who’s collecting anecdotes of UNC students suffering. She plans to present them to legislators and UNC officers.

These tales are “horrible,” she says. The article summarizes these horrible anecdotes as “the guy working two jobs, the woman who might not graduate on time, the student studying senior-level courses in auditorium-sized classes.”

On her web page she specifies that she is looking for:
Students who have had to take on extra jobs, pick up more hours at work, going deeper in debt, having classes cut from the budget cuts, library hours, etc.

The site allows visitors to blame (check the box) “Budget Cuts” or “Tuition Increases,” or they can check both.

Cheers to the leftist architects of the entitlement mentality, because look how thoroughly they’ve succeeded. Now it’s an “indictment” of society if the opportunities society provides you entail some modicum of hardship on your part. Criminy.

Naturally the student has gravitated to the UNC Association of Student Governments.

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