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  • American military academies as ‘Disneyland for politicians’

    Professor Bruce Fleming writes for the Federalist about a common problem plaguing the U.S. service academies, one that would not surprise other critics of American higher education. The military world and military academies—I’m a tenured civilian professor of English at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis—were rocked by…
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2017, 337 words
  • Marriage and class

    Charles Fain Lehman reports for the Washington Free Beacon on recent data regarding marriage that might disturb you. A recently released research brief reveals that trends in marriage by economic classes have sharply diverged, a marked change from just 40 to 50 years ago. The brief, authored by…
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2017, 213 words
  • Trying to make a dent in federal budget deficits

    Kevin Williamson of National Review Online explains major challenges linked to plans to fix the federal budget. Getting fiscal policy right is — should be — a top-tier priority. But the congressional budget committees are, strangely enough, a frustrating base of operations for doing that. The problem for…
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2017, 249 words
  • Adhering to the Constitution

    Jay Cost explains at National Review Online why he supports one of President Trump’s recent actions while firmly opposing another. These days, it is hard to be a constitutionalist. Our system of government is under attack from both the left and the right. Progressives are gnashing their teeth…
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2017, 252 words
  • Direct Primary Care: Making Health Care Affordable Again

    ReasonTV just released a documentary that explains how direct primary care (DPC) docs are making health care affordable again. Watch it here:…
    Katherine Restrepo, October 16, 2017, 22 words
  • JLF’s Julie Tisdale: Carolina Beach Shows Property Rights Deserve Respect

    JLF’s Julie Tisdale gives a shout out to Carolina Beach officials who are worried that regulations on ‘accessory buildings’ will be too restrictive. WATCH.
    Donna Martinez, October 16, 2017, 21 words
  • Trump EPA ends ‘Sue and Settle’ scheme

    The EPA is finally ending the scheme whereby the federal government sends millions of dollars to radical environmentalist outfits while they foist costly rules on us without going through the rulemaking process.
    Jon Sanders, October 16, 2017, 247 words
  • Federal Trade Commission Cronyism Exposed

    If you want to find out how the movie industry has, in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission, rigged the regulatory game against their up and coming competitors on platforms like YouTube, watch well known YouTube creator and consultant MatPat’s latest Film Theory. Note that in less than 2…
    Roy Cordato, October 16, 2017, 75 words
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