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  • If lower taxes would be good for Amazon, why aren’t they good for Mom & Pop establishments?

    My newsletter today discusses how media completely changed their tune on tax cuts for large corporations when that large corporation is Amazon. Suddenly there's no tax giveaway too large for them!
    Jon Sanders, September 20, 2017, 348 words
  • IRS avoiding transparency

    Ali Meyer of the Washington Free Beacon details some recent bad news involving the Internal Revenue Service and transparency. The Internal Revenue Service improperly withheld information from requesters after Freedom of Information Act requests were filed, according to a report from the Treasury inspector general for tax administration.
    Mitch Kokai, September 20, 2017, 165 words
  • Doom-and-gloom climate predictions proved wrong again

    Michael Bastasch of the Daily Caller highlights the latest evidence that climate alarmists have been touting overly pessimistic projections. Another group of prominent climate scientists have published research claiming humanity may have a couple extra decades before pushing the world past what the U.N. calls “dangerous” levels of…
    Mitch Kokai, September 20, 2017, 221 words
  • National Review editor ponders Trump and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

    Rich Lowry of National Review Online explores the political significance of big Emmy wins for “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Donald Trump, much to his chagrin, never won an Emmy for The Apprentice, but he can now take indirect credit for a clutch of the awards. The Hulu series The…
    Mitch Kokai, September 20, 2017, 288 words
  • How Silicon Valley’s big bucks could reshape the Democratic Party

    Reihan Salam of National Review Online ponders links between Democrats and plutocrats. The Democratic party faces a dilemma. Since its inception, the party has defined itself as the champion of the little guy and a bulwark against plutocracy. Over the past few years, however, a funny thing has…
    Mitch Kokai, September 20, 2017, 218 words
  • New Carolina Journal Online features

    Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on reaction from judges and lawyers to a plan for judicial redistricting in North Carolina. John Hood’s Daily Journal places recent developments in N.C. voter registration in the proper perspective.
    Mitch Kokai, September 20, 2017, 36 words
  • Is Google Abusing Its Monopoly Power?

    In a lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, social media upstart Gab AI accuses Google of illegal restraint of trade under the Clayton and Sherman antitrust acts. The news site Medium has the story: The lawsuit stems from…
    Jon Guze, September 19, 2017, 396 words
  • MyFox8 WGHP Talks With Katherine Restrepo About NC’s Regulation of Medical Services

    It’s called Certificate of Need law. North Carolina is one of the states that hasn’t yet repealed the antiquated requirement for a government permission slip before a hospital or doctor group can expand facilities or services. Bob Buckley of WGHP My Fox 8 sat down with our Katherine…
    Donna Martinez, September 19, 2017, 61 words
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