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Your ‘Earth Day’ news: NC energy-based emissions have been FALLING all century

For whatever reason this never makes news reports, even though it is big news: Energy-based emissions in North Carolina, like the U.S., have been falling all century. Here are some graphs; read more about them in my Spotlight report on The Market Forces Behind North Carolina’s Falling Emissions.

Detailing renewable energy’s dependency on government goodies

Dan Way writes this morning in Carolina Journal about the “NC Ratepayers Protection Act” (House Bill 745). A snippet: If the bill passes, the REPS [renewable energy portfolio standards mandate] would remain at 6 percent of state retail sales instead of jumping to 10 percent in 2018 and 12.5 percent in 2021. Purchase requirements would be fixedContinue Reading

About that big drop in NC energy emissions this century

What do all these things have in common? Curious? Read “The Market Forces Behind North Carolina’s Falling Emissions” to find out.

If you can’t win customers and investors, win politicians

…it’s well known that the renewable energy industry’s business model is entirely based on and utterly dependent on capturing public subsidies. It’s all about winning government goodies.—Yours truly, 8/28/15 Since the renewable energy industry cannot build itself by winning customers and investors on the strength of its own merits, they have to win politicians — who can force people to be their customers andContinue Reading

Public policies favoring renewables are threatening upheaval in power markets

You can’t have a competitive environment when utilities have to purchase any renewable power that’s produced and when state and federal subsidies and tax credits artificially lower their actual costs by making consumers pay for them in their role as taxpayers. The problem is, these phony state supports aren’t just getting renewables a foot inContinue Reading

So why are NC’s energy-based emissions falling this century? Oh, and: NC’s energy-based emissions are falling this century

Read about this in my Spotlight report on The Market Forces Behind North Carolina’s Falling Emissions. If you’d like a hint, these charts: go a long way toward explaining this graph:

The market is solving emissions concerns. Bet you haven’t heard THAT.

The recent Brookings report on the future of the climate has irreducible good news for environmentalists who have been concerned about emissions. Counter to the pedal drone of media reports, they are going down: Brookings is here reiterating findings by the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, among others. See my discussion ofContinue Reading

A side note: what wasn’t a founding purpose of the REPS mandate

In my Carolina Journal column today I noted: … North Carolina’s [electricity] rates have been among the most competitive in the nation. That changed when the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards law passed in 2007. The REPS mandate forced utilities to use an increasing proportion of high–cost electricity sources for noncost reasons: to diversify the sources used,Continue Reading