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AT&T publishes DPI lesson plan on Wake busing issue

On the website promoting Heritage Calendar 2014, AT&T posted nearly 70 lesson plans, developed by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, that celebrate the “lives and experiences of African Americans in the State.” The lesson plans span most major subjects and grades.  Several of the lessons are excellent.  Teachers and students would be well servedContinue Reading

Bad apples

A concerned parent emailed the following photo to me.  Her child attends a public school in Wake County, and those tasty looking apples were served to her son yesterday.  In other words, the school cafeteria served them to children nearly three weeks after the “Best By” date on the package. What would Michelle Obama say?

Civil rights lawyers object to busing

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area (LCCR), a legal services and advocacy organization, recently published a critique of Sequoia Union (CA) High School District’s student assignment plan. Public school students who live in East Palo Alto, a low income community, are bused across non‐contiguous boundaries to distant high schoolsContinue Reading

Career administrators are not “career educators”

Protip for the Triangle media: Wake County’s new superintendent, Jim Merrill, is a career administrator, not a career educator.  An educator provides instruction.  An administrator manages the enterprise that allows instruction to occur. Yes, he was a teacher before he became an administrator, presumably in 1984, but since then, he’s held various administrative posts.  That meansContinue Reading

N&O: Illusions of grandeur

An anti-voucher editorial in the News & Observer makes the following argument: It is ironic that as Wake County seeks a new superintendent for a stellar public system that’s delivering a quality education to 150,000 students, there are those in the legislature who would undermine that effort by steering needed resources away from public education.Continue Reading

Martin: Grades good for kids, not for schools

The News & Observer reports that the Democratic majority on the Wake County Board of Education does not like a number of the education reforms passed by the General Assembly last year.  For example, the Excellent Public Schools Act directs the NC Department of Public Instruction to assign a letter grade to each school basedContinue Reading

Under Tata’s watch, dropouts in Wake decrease

In case you have not heard, before Governor McCrory chose Tony Tata to lead the Department of Transportation, he was the superintendent of the Wake County Public School System. According to a report released by the NC Department of Public Instruction this morning, Wake County had 150 fewer dropouts between the 2010-11 and 2011-12 schoolContinue Reading

So much for open-mindedness, respect

Before Editors, News & Observer: “Our endorsements: What’s at stake in Wake’s school election,” September 30, 2011 [Susan] Evans goes right to the heart of the decision that voters in these five school board districts will make. Her grasp of what’s at stake – together with her pledge to operate in an open-minded, respectful mannerContinue Reading