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Carolina Journal exposes layer upon layer of solar cronyism

I’ve long noticed two prongs of the solar lobby‘s message to legislators and the media — two messages that I think are completely at odds with one another: Solar is a powerhouse industry in North Carolina. Second in the nation in solar! Solar cannot make it as an industry on its own. Not without extensiveContinue Reading

If you can’t win customers and investors, win politicians

Since the renewable energy industry cannot build itself by winning customers and investors on the strength of its own merits, they have to win politicians — who can force people to be their customers and investors. Dan Way at Carolina Journal has the latest. He quotes one of the lobbyists, Paul Shumaker, as saying the big takeaway for RepublicanContinue Reading

Cute. But sorry, renewables, the “Gig” is up…

A light-hearted tweet from Clean Energy NC on twitter hearkens back to Back to the Future (the scene, for those of you woefully in the dark about it): NC Solar Power Could Send Doc Back to the Future https://t.co/kGqzr2s19y #CleanEnergy #NCGA pic.twitter.com/Bl1eI2ObvR — Clean Energy in NC (@cleanenergync) June 30, 2016 Thing is, the timeContinue Reading

A low-cost energy source that lowers rates and CO2 emissions, to boot

That would be natural gas. Because of technological change in natural gas exploration, our rates are falling, on net (offsetting increases owing to the REPS law): Also falling: carbon dioxide emissions, as the federal Energy Information Administration has shown is mostly because of change to natural gas in electricity generation: But for some reason, a lobbyContinue Reading

‘Renewables are incapable of replacing hydrocarbons at scale’

This isn’t news to Locker Room readers (some recent examples), but I’m glad to read this in The Hill this week from Kathleen Hartnett White. Here’s a brief snippet, with the understanding that there is plenty more where this comes from: Policymakers intent on imposing a swift end to the era of fossil fuels, suchContinue Reading

How utterly, utterly impossible is battery storage for renewable electricity

Here is a line from this past Sunday’s issue of Fayetteville Observer, where real-world, adult concerns about the marked inefficiency of nondispatchable energy sources, the subsidies they receive, the costs imposed on poor ratepayers by playing crony games with a state monopoly over an indispensable household necessity, the practicalities of battery storage, and other questions magically disappearContinue Reading

Three enemies of wind and solar: nature, economics, and simple math

My newsletter today explains. Following are just the top four bullet points: The renewable energy sources (wind and solar) aren’t a one-for-one tradeoff for traditional resources (coal, gas, nuclear). Wind and solar are far less efficient than traditional resources. It’s more of a one-third to one-fourth for one tradeoff. Furthermore, wind and solar are unreliable resources — the windContinue Reading

Renewable energy lobby’s shell game

My report last week exposed misleading data being pushed on lawmakers by the renewable energy lobby. The lobbyists were pushing a new statistic, that the renewable energy portfolio standards (REPS) and associated renewable energy mandates are not the primary driver of higher electricity costs in this state … since 2001. Three out of four drivers ofContinue Reading