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The Barbers Board would like to cut competition, too, thank you

Let it not be said that the North Carolina State Board of Barber Examiners is cutting corners at the legislature this session. Aspects of two separate bills suggest the board would like it to be harder in various ways for poor barbers to make it in this state. That is, to exercise their self-evident, inalienable rightContinue Reading

FTC puts occupational licensing boards on notice

Maureen Ohlhausen, acting chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, has created an Economic Liberty Task Force to focus on state occupational licensing activities. She announced it last month in a speech at George Mason Law Review’s antitrust symposium. Looming behind this new task force is the Supreme Court decision in North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. FederalContinue Reading

Freeing labor in North Carolina

This week is National Employee Freedom Week, although happily for North Carolinians, we are a Right-to-Work state, so we’re already ahead of many other states concerning one of the biggest issues for labor freedom. But in another big issue for labor freedom, North Carolina is trailing. That would be in occupational licensing — i.e., having toContinue Reading

How North Carolina compares in terms of unnecessarily licensing hair braiders

A new Institute for Justice report focuses on the folly of some states — North Carolina included! — of requiring an occupational license to practice African hair braiding. This is “a traditional art and a time-tested way of caring for tightly coiled Afro-textured hair naturally, without scissors, heat or chemicals.” I suspect the presence or absence ofContinue Reading

There are many ways to ensure safety without the policy extreme of occupational licensing

Reforming occupational licensing is one of those rare political ideas that unites right, left, and center. But it faces fierce opposition from the highly self-interested cronies, which to anyone who knows public-choice economics means it’s a hard slog. Earlier this month, for example, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, a Democrat, wrote an editorial in the Washington Post entitledContinue Reading

Why there’s always way more lobbying FOR occupational licensing than AGAINST it

My newsletter explains that and a few other issues concerning licensing. It’s the problem of public-choice economics. As I wrote here about a similar problem: Do legislators serve the interests of citizens of North Carolina, or do they serve the interests of a powerful industry group? In my phrasing, it’s not much of a choice. I seeContinue Reading

More labor freedom coming? Draft bill would remove 15 occupational licensing boards

This would be welcome news, for reasons I’ve made explicit in newsletters and reports. Per NC Capitol Connection: A state legislative subcommittee approved draft legislation Thursday that would dissolve 15 occupational licensing boards in the state. Included for dissolution are the boards currently licensing electrologists and laser hair practitioners, fee-based practicing pastoral counselors, interpreters andContinue Reading

Choose labor freedom, not licensing

The good news is, as I wrote in my 2013 Carolina Cronyism report on occupational licensing: Lawmakers don’t face a Hobson’s Choice of either licensure or nothing. Instead, as Lee McGrath of the Institute for Justice explains, there is a wide range of options available to policymakers interested in responding to legitimate concerns but not interested in destroying occupational freedomContinue Reading