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The most important graphic you’ll see today

Later today, the N.C. General Assembly’s Program Evaluation Division will discuss their new report, “Improved Administrative Program Monitoring by the Department of Public Instruction Can Save Over $19 Million Annually.” The report is noteworthy for those of us in the education policy world, but one figure, in particular, should be of interest to all taxpayers:Continue Reading

Down payment on advocacy coalition’s teacher pay plan? $430 million

Last month, a coalition of seven organizations presented a four-part teacher pay plan to the North Carolina General Assembly’s Educator Effectiveness and Compensation Task Force.  Backers of the plan included the following advocacy organizations: North Carolina Parent Teacher Association Professional Educators of North Carolina North Carolina Association of Educators North Carolina Association of School AdministratorsContinue Reading

DPI has new $121,000/year associate superintendent

Are three associate superintendents enough?  Not for the N.C. Department of Public Instruction and State Board of Education! Tracy Weeks, former executive director of the N.C. Virtual Public School, is the state’s newest associate superintendent, joining fellow associate superintendents Rebecca Garland, Martez Hill, and Philip Price.  Last month, Weeks received an $11,000 raise to bringContinue Reading

NSFW: NC SBE meeting features “Little Miss Muffet” skit (updated)

This is NOT an April Fool’s Day joke.  This actually happened at today’s N.C. State Board of Education meeting. During a session about Common Core in the early grades, a kindergarten teacher read “Little Miss Muffet” to the board, while staff from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction played the characters.        Continue Reading

Thin-skinned DPI official complains about N&O article

Folks at the NC Department of Public Instruction are used to receiving unwavering support from the mainstream media.  When they don’t, they complain publicly. At today’s NC State Board of Education meeting, Race to the Top director Adam Levinson complained about a December 30 News & Observer article titled, “Race to the Top spending hasn’tContinue Reading

12.5 percent

Last year, 12.5 percent of black males in grades 3-8 were proficient in reading and math. That is correct – 12.5 percent. The NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) contends that the state “raised the bar” by implementing more rigorous standards and tests.  They say that these test results accurately show who is and isContinue Reading

DPI’s “day of spin” is here

The NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will release state test scores today.  They have spent months working with/on the media and their sundry allies to lay the groundwork for today’s release. Here are a few talking points you will hear this afternoon: Standards are higher. The tests measure “college and career readiness.” Scores usuallyContinue Reading

A civil debate on Common Core? Not in NC

In an op-ed published in the latest Carolina Journal (and recently online), I wrote, But many Common Core proponents have little interest in engaging their critics in reasoned debate. Even the most substantive concerns will not escape the mudslinging fury of some local, state, and national pundits, who prefer to belittle and demean their detractorsContinue Reading