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Meta-Analysis: Merit Pay Increases Student Performance

Matthew Springer, Lam Pham, and Tuan Nguyen from Vanderbilt University recently published “Teacher Merit Pay and Student Test Scores: A Meta-Analysis,” which examines “reported findings from 44 primary studies” of teacher merit pay programs.  They concluded that the “presence of a merit pay program is associated with a modest, statistically significant, positive effect on student testContinue Reading

When you don’t reward excellence, this happens…

Charlotte Observer: NC Teacher of Year chooses advocacy job over return to CMS It’s just another example of how our statewide salary scale harms public school teachers and students.

More evidence that performance pay works

In “Incentives, Selection, and Teacher Performance: Evidence from IMPACT,” Thomas Dee of Stanford University and James Wyckoff of UVA evaluated Washington, D.C.’s IMPACT program.  IMPACT was one of Michelle Rhee’s signature initiatives. It included four components: 1. High-powered incentives for both high- and low-performing teachers 2. Multi-faceted measures of student performance 3. Teacher supports 4.Continue Reading