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Update: Charlotte won’t back stadium proposal

Charlotte was supposed to vote late tomorrow afternoon on a proposal to fund 25% of a new soccer stadium.  While the county voted this morning to proceed, the Charlotte mayor just released this statement: We are canceling the City Council Friday 4 p.m. meeting scheduled to discuss the MLS deal. Over the past several days, weContinue Reading

Mecklenburg Commissioners just voted for a terrible deal

This morning, Mecklenburg County Commissioners voted 5-4 to spend millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to subsidize a very wealthy family’s pursuit of a potentially extremely lucrative professional soccer team.  The county won’t own the team, so those profits won’t go to the county.  But they will own the stadium that those funds will build.  Consequently,Continue Reading

Moody’s Ranks local governments by pension liabilities, NC cities come in with low liabilities

Moody’s Investor Service just released a report of the 50 largest local governments in the United States and their pension burdens.  The findings show that 31 of the 50 governments increased their pension burdens from the last analysis done by Moody’s. The report said the fiscal year 2013 median adjusted net pension liabilities increased toContinue Reading

Results from Bonds on the ballot

During this election cycle, many decided to offer general obligation bonds to pay for schools, streets and sidewalks, parks and recreation, water systems, and many other items.  While many might argue that these items are a function of government, should debt be issued to fund these initiatives? General obligation bonds are a general obligation ofContinue Reading

10 Sales Tax Referendums on the Ballot

  Anson County has only had a sales tax increase on its ballot one time prior, and that was in 2008. The decision to be placed on the ballot passed the county commission 7-0. The estimated $300,000 in revenue will be used for increased teacher supplements. Education makes up 15% of the county’s total expenditures,Continue Reading