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Christensen: Student performance has nothing to do with policy

OK, so the title of this blog post is a bit of an exaggeration.  I doubt that News & Observer columnist Rob Christensen believes that student performance has nothing to do with debates over K-12 education policy. But I was taken aback by his latest piece, titled “NC’s kids are doing better than you think.”Continue Reading

PISA 2012 reading scores

The following is a list of education systems that scored higher than the United States on the 2012 International Student Assessment (PISA) reading test: Shanghai-China 570 Hong Kong-China 545 Singapore 542 Japan 538 Korea, Republic of 536 Finland 524 Ireland 523 Chinese Taipei 523 Canada 523 Poland 518 Estonia 516 Liechtenstein 516 New Zealand 512Continue Reading

PISA 2012 math scores

The following is a list of education systems that scored higher than the United States on the 2012 International Student Assessment (PISA) math test: Shanghai-China 613 Singapore 573 Hong Kong-China 561 Chinese Taipei 560 Korea, Republic of 554 Macao-China 538 Japan 536 Liechtenstein 535 Switzerland 531 Netherlands 523 Estonia 521 Finland 519 Canada 518 PolandContinue Reading

U.S. falling behind in reading, math, and science

The 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) results were released today.  The news was not good. Education Week reports, U.S. performance in reading, math, and science has remained stagnant since 2009 as other nations have plowed ahead, according to new results from a prominent international assessment. Nineteen countries and education systems scored higher thanContinue Reading

How do N.C. eighth-graders compare internationally?

Today the National Center for Education Statistics released a new report, U.S. States in a Global Context: Results From the 2011 NAEP-TIMSS Linking Study. Researchers took state-level math and science scores from the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests and statistically “linked” them to scores on the Trends in International Mathematics and ScienceContinue Reading

DPI: Thank us for TIMSS scores

The results of the TIMSS (Trends In International Mathematics and Science Study) were released today.  North Carolina was one of a handful of U.S. states to participate in TIMSS testing of fourth- and eighth-grade students in math and science. At 11:00 am, my weekly newsletter was published.  In it, I remarked, The most important thingContinue Reading

NC schools top Global Report Card

The Global Report Card (GRC) is a project of the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  The GRC allows the public to compare charter and school district performance in math and reading to other states and nations.  It is just been updated. The GRC also lists the top performing districts in both subjects.  Magellan Charter inContinue Reading

Infographic: U.S. vs. World Education