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Yes, the long-run has arrived: annual interest on national debt pushing half a trillion dollars

Yesterday the Heritage Foundation announced the milestone of 1,000 days without a federal budget. Along with a video, reposted below, the writer Mike Brownfield noted more than $200 billion in annual interest payments. If only. Robert Thorpe, author of Reclaim Liberty: 3-Step Plan for Restoring our Constitutional Government, has written an open letter correcting the number. HeContinue Reading

Supercommittee on verge of failure: Time for a new approach

From MarketWatch: The U.S. congressional committee assigned to draft a plan for cutting $1.2 trillion from the nation’s deficit over 10 years is expected to announce Monday that it has failed, according to media reports Sunday. Is anyone surprised? State Sen. Curtis Olafson (R—Edinburg, N.D.) has just shared these comments, which capture my sentiments precisely: HowContinue Reading