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How Much Debt does McCrory want to Issue?

Last night in the State of the State address, McCrory laid out some of his plans for the upcoming legislative session.  Not surprising, he suggested issuing bonds to pay for transportation and he elaborated on his previously stated objectives of improving outdated state infrastructure.  What needs to be addressed is if these requests are realistic. Continue Reading

NC’s Debt Picture

NC Debt has grown over the years

Theory: any story with “trillion” in it contains more bad news for the American people

That’s my operating assumption after just a little over a week into 2013 (examples here and here), though my concern is much older. Here’s the latest — an idea to “solve” the debt crisis by having the U.S. Mint print a trillion-dollar platinum coin. God have mercy, that’d be a “solution” akin to the oldContinue Reading

Reducing the deficit: a “balanced” approach won’t cut it

In his recent speech in Roanoke, Virginia, President Obama has once again renewed his commitment to a balanced approach to shrinking the federal government’s fiscal deficit. So I’m going to reduce the deficit in a balanced way. We’ve already made a trillion dollars’ worth of cuts. We can make another trillion or trillion-two, and whatContinue Reading

Can Democrats give a little?

Live Blog Wells Fargo economist John Silvia says the US is following the road to fiscal ruin set by Greece and Portugal unless government cuts back. Silvia told CNBC that the US must recognize that the moderate economic growth forecast by most economists for the country will fail to generate the tax revenue necessary toContinue Reading

Some Liberal “Advice”

I always find it interesting when liberals give advice to conservatives on what conservatives should do to help the conservative movement. It’s also interesting when they try to describe why conservatives think the way they do. Both of these phenomena were on display today over at the Huffington Post college page, along with a substantialContinue Reading

Fiscal realities

Live Blog best online jobs injectable steroids Clive Crook in this morning's Financial Times forgets how we got to this point in state and federal budgets. The federal stimulus was mostly absorbed in offsetting the automatic tightening of fiscal policy by individual states, whose borrowing is strictly constrained. … Now the federal stimulus is runningContinue Reading