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    Eugenics Task Force Recommendations: Initial Thoughts

    The Governor’s eugenics compensation task force voted on final recommendations today.  I recently wrote about ways that the victims should be compensated. I do want to stress that the Task Force did an admirable job and should be commended for its work. Who Would be Compensated? Living victims,…
    Daren Bakst, January 10, 2012
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    Victims Won’t Come Forward For a Reason

    There’s an excellent op-ed in today’s Winston-Salem Journal about the state’s eugenics program. The op-ed encourages victims to come forward. Unless there’s going to be meaningful compensation that victims can count on, there’s little reason for most of the victims to come forward.  Some victims may come forward to…
    Daren Bakst, December 12, 2011
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    The Biggest Threat to Compensating Forced Sterilization Victims

    I have been a very strong supporter of compensating the victims of North Carolina’s forced sterilization program.  This issue means a lot to the victims and is one of the most important issues I’ve ever worked on. Unfortunately, there’s one policy proposal that could and should stop…
    Daren Bakst, December 9, 2011