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Martin Center: Concerns Raised Over NC’s Dual Enrollment Program

Shannon Watkins of the Martin Center for Academic Renewal has the details: Recently, concerns over dual enrollment have been raised at Cleveland Community College in Shelby, North Carolina. The school’s problems, however, may go beyond dual enrollment; they appear to extend to issues involving improper college governance, lack of oversight, and lack of transparency. First,Continue Reading

Tuition-free community college is not free to taxpayers

In this education plan, Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper proposed a tuition-free community college plan.  The Cooper campaign writes, A number of states either have a free community college program or are considering offering one. The program works as a last dollar scholarship program whereby the state provides a grant to coverContinue Reading

Should high schools pay for college remediation?

State legislators in Tennessee have filed a bill that would require high schools to reimburse the community college system for students placed in remedial courses.  According to an article published in the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Last year, Tennessee two-year colleges spent an estimated $18.45 million on remedial classes in areas like math, reading andContinue Reading

What do you think of Obama’s free community college idea….?