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Public comment for math standards ends soon

Currently, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction has been revising the education standards for the state and are seeking public comment on the proposed K-8 math standards. The public comment period ends on April 20. As others have pointed out, these standards tweak the flawed Common Core math standards used in our schools for theContinue Reading

Dems: most want local control, Common Core unpopular

The following is a marvelous email from the WikiLeaks release of U.S. Democratic National Committee emails: (Click below for larger image.) The Democrats are right! Common Core is so unpopular that it is a political liability and “most people” want local control of education.   H/T: Missouri Education Watchdog and the Pioneer Institute

Federal highlights on Education

House Committee Approves ESEA Re-authorization; White House Responds Last week, the House Education and the Workforce Committee voted along party lines (21-16) to advance the Student Success Act (HR 5) to reauthorize and replace No Child Left Behind. The measure would dramatically reduce the role of the federal government in elementary and secondary education. ItContinue Reading

Majority of Americans Favor Local Control of Public Schools

Yesterday, the 46th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools was released and the findings confirm Americans want Local School Boards to have the authority.  When asked to reflect on who should have the greatest influence on what is taught in the public schools, Americans prefer local school boards over theContinue Reading

Rep. Tim Moore files July 25 sine die resolution

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe. Rep. Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, and chairman of the House Rules Committee has filed a July 25 sine die resolution. That, the approval of a Common Core repeal bill acceptable to Gov. Pat McCrory, and a bit of a break in the budget deadlock indicate thatContinue Reading

Gov. Pat McCrory says he’ll sign bill replacing Common Core

Gov. Pat McCrory says he will sign the bill replacing Common Core with North Carolina standards, which just cleared the General Assembly. McCrory said in a statement: “I will sign this bill because it does not change any of North Carolina’s education standards. It does initiate a much-needed, comprehensive and thorough review of standards. NoContinue Reading

Common Core repeal clears the Senate; the House is next

The Senate just passed the conference report that would repeal the Common Core standards. The vote was 33-12. All it lacks is an affirmative vote by the House, which will likely come next week, before going to the desk of GOP Gov. Pat McCrory. The bill sets up an 11-member advisory commission to recommend newContinue Reading

Bureaucrats Ignore Frustrations – But For How Long?

An appointed bureaucrat does not necessarily have to answer or listen to the public.  So it is with Dr. John King, Jr., he is appointed by the New York State Board of Regents to serve as New York State Education Commissioner.  Last night, Dr. King ignored  opposition from parents, teachers, and principals voicing opposition toContinue Reading