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Walsh addresses N.C. class size debate

The challenge of learning from others’ mistakes by Kate Walsh, president of the National Council on Teacher Quality April 13, 2017 Dear State Legislator: First let’s get the obvious points out of the way. I get that your constituents love small class sizes. Certainly, no rational teacher will tell you that large classes are easierContinue Reading

Money, not class sizes, behind HB 13 push

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) survey, Pass House Bill 13 to Save Teachers, Increase Per Pupil Funding to National Average, tells you all you need to know about the push to get the N.C. Senate to pass House Bill 13.  Currently, HB 13 is in the Committee On Rules and Operations of theContinue Reading

Experts: NC Senate education plan has merit

WUNC’s Reema Khrais asks, “What Does Research Say About Smaller Classes and Fewer TAs?“ The NC Senate budget proposed aggressive class size reductions for grades K-3.  The teaching positions needed to do so would be funded by eliminating teacher assistant positions.  Their colleagues in the House are not keen on the idea. But some prominentContinue Reading

Teacher of the year has unreasonable class size

The Wake County Schools website features a photo of 2015 Teacher of the Year Matthew Scialdone, an English teacher at Middle Creek High School, and a dozen or so students. I blame Republicans for forcing teachers to deal with these unreasonable class sizes.

Study: Quality teachers should have larger classes

Michael Hansen, a senior researcher at the American Institutes for Research, just published Right-sizing the Classroom: Making the Most of Great Teachers.  Hansen examined data from North Carolina to determine the relationship between teacher effectiveness and student assignment/class sizes. Dr. Hansen found, North Carolina appears to differentiate class sizes based on teachers’ performance only to aContinue Reading

Easley speaks out about NC Senate class size bill

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  Felon and former governor Mike Easley is easing himself back into “the game.” In an Associated Press article, Easley recently commented on a Republican proposal to eliminate class size parameters.  He observed, “You can’t keep the classes small without paying for it and giving flexibility doesn’t pay for it.” Continue Reading

How the Republicans changed public education

The NC Department of Public Instruction released the 2011-2012 School Report Cards today.  The report cards allow us to compare year-to-year changes in a number of areas, including performance, class size, personnel, and the like. Total Number of Classroom Teachers (Statewide) 2010-11: 99,290 2011-12: 99,060 Change: -230 teachers Average Class Sizes (Statewide) 2010-11 Kindergarten: 20Continue Reading

Class size debate in North Carolina

A superb education news website, The Media Bullpen, highlights a recent Carolina Journal article on the class size debate in North Carolina. They gave the article their highest honor – a home run.  Thank you!  We swing for the fences here.