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You might be a campus progressive if…

…in the midst of terror attacks around the world and shootings on college campuses the term “safe zone” means to you a place where you don’t have to hear any speech by your fellow students that could possibly make you uncomfortable.

British defence U-turn of the moment

Britain for the past 60 years or so has been very good at having very poor defence policy, particularly in the air and at sea. The Ministry of Defence has regularly thrown big money at locally-produced weapons systems only to see them fail to live up to expectations, run vastly over budget, and have toContinue Reading

Economic Freedom and the Regulatory State

In a recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Cause of Action’s Executive Director Dan Epstein tells the harrowing story of a cancer screening provider that was “hounded out of business” by the FTC: Since 2013, my organization has defended … LabMD … against meritless allegations from the Federal Trade Commission. Last Friday, the FTC’s chief administrative-law judge dismissed theContinue Reading

Student Protest at Duke

  Students at Duke have joined their contemporaries at Yale, Mizzou, and other campuses across the country in demanding the the university do something about a level of racism on campus that, they claim, is so extreme that it makes them feel “unsafe.” The Chronicle reports: Students presented a list of demands regarding racial equity and campus inclusion toContinue Reading

Responses to ISIS threat by ideology

Progressive/Liberal–First argue that it is all George Bush’s fault then make it clear that we not want to respond the way George Bush would have but instead sparingly use bombing raids and occasional drone strikes, but not too aggressively as that might begin to look like what Bush would have done. Conservative–Declare that they hateContinue Reading

Legal Zoom Defeats the NC State Bar

Back in March I wrote about an long-running dispute between the North Carolina State Bar and online legal document service provider LegalZoom. Last month the parties announced a settlement, and, as Ben Barton reports at Bloomberg’s Big Law Business blog, the terms of that settlement constitute a big win for LegalZoom (and its attorneys atContinue Reading

JLF Files Brief in Map Act Case

Last Friday the John Locke Foundation filed a brief in support of the plaintiffs in Kirby v. NCDOT, a case that is currently before the NC Supreme Court. We filed as amicus curiae (“a friend of the court”) because we wanted to bring certain facts and arguments to the Court’s attention. As I have previouslyContinue Reading

Catalyst Book Tour Update

You anxiously awaited the release. You’ve watched the video.  You’ve read the teaser. You’re intrigued by the name calling. You’ve placed your order. And now you’re ready to see it all for yourself. Only a few stops left on the statewide book tour for John Hood’s new biography of former Governor Jim Martin, Catalyst. Make plans now toContinue Reading