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Leading on “women’s” issues

What exactly are women’s issues and who should be in charge of them? During the latest General Assembly session women chaired important committees in the House including Appropriations, Banking, Education, Environment, Ethics, Finance, and Judiciary C. Women were leaders as vice chairmen on General Government, Natural and Economic Resources, Commerce and Job Development, Health andContinue Reading

Hello, I’m the government and have I got a deal for you.

Government-run health-care programs have a track record of costing more than advertised. So how much is ObamaCare going to cost?  There’s the promises and estimates that were made to push the bill through Congress and then there’s the actual cost. takes a look and offers this: Here are three examples to think about asContinue Reading

Stossel on the minimum wage

John Stossel has a good piece here about the minimum wage. The only thing I’d take issue with is the almost reflexive statement that this law is “well intentioned.” I don’t think so. The intentions behind it are to make people believe that they should look to politics for their advancement, rather than to theirContinue Reading

Leonard Liggio, R.I.P.

One of the great scholars of classical liberalism, Leonard Liggio, passed away this week. Sheldon Richman here pays tribute to this wonderful man.

You might be a progressive if…

…you don’t think this has anything to do with Obamacare. From today’s Washington Examiner: Even as the overall number of jobs in the United States recently surpassed the pre-recession highs of late 2007, the number of full-time employees in America last month was still about 2 million less than it was in September 2007. Part-timeContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…you believe that under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Americans have a right to health care.

Ben Zycher on the hypocrisy of the “disinvestment” crusade

Writing on AEI, economist Ben Zycher has a devastating piece on the crusade to get as many institutions as possible to “disinvest” from fossil fuels. I particularly liked his point that many rich people are glad to trade off some of their money in favor of adulation by leftist politicians, the press, and the moralizersContinue Reading

Sowell versus the grievance mongers

Thomas Sowell’s latest column takes aim at the harm done by educators, largely in colleges and universities, who use valuable time students need to learn knowledge and skills for indoctrination instead. They have helped to create a large body of people who can’t see anything good about the US and would rather fume over theContinue Reading