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Squandering money down Wilmington way

JLF friend Bob Smith writes here about an amazing proposal for a Humanities and Fine Arts Center in Wilmington for Cape Fear Community College. Bob asks the right questions: why does a community college need such a building; won’t this just prove to be another one of those boondoggles sold to taxpayers on the phonyContinue Reading

Newly suppressed voters revolt and turnout in even greater numbers

According to left wing pundits and activists new rules governing voting in North Carolina have suppressed the vote among African Americans and young people in this past year’s election. Using turnout data showing that voter participation rates among these voting groups were actually up this year as compared to 2010, Pope Foundation President John HoodContinue Reading

Among the worst of myths: government spending boosts the economy

It isn’t so and can’t be so, as Professor Robert Murphy explains in this Freeman piece posted today.

Does big government fuel terrorism?

Young men who can’t find productive work or begin their own businesses are probably more apt to think that joining a terrorist group makes sense. If you examine the regimes in mid-Eastern countries, you find that they are bureaucratic nightmares for those who’d like to do business. In this Philanthropy Daily piece, Martin Morse WoosterContinue Reading

Barron’s Epstein finds (this will shock you) the president is wrong about labor claims

Gene Epstein‘s latest “Economic Beat” column for Barron’s scrutinizes President Obama’s rhetoric about the share of economic growth that heads to laborers. In a meeting early this month with the Business Roundtable, President Barack Obama observed that “although corporate profits are at the highest levels in 60 years [and] the stock market is up 150%,Continue Reading

Preservation Tax Credits? History.

There are lots of reasons why North Carolina ought not give tax credits for historic preservation projects. The North Carolina General Assembly recognized a bad policy and eliminated the state historic preservation tax credit in the 2014-15 budget. At an event yesterday the governor lauded the historic preservation tax credit for a company that did notContinue Reading

A vile, desperate argument against capitalism

In the letter below to the editor of Slate, Professor Don Boudreaux dispatches one of the most vile and desperate arguments that “progressives” use in their on-going efforts at deluding people into supporting their agenda of omnipotent government: capitalism needed slavery. Editor, Slate Dear Editor: Reviewing Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton, Eric Herschthal argues, apparently in lineContinue Reading

Sandy Ikeda on two differing visions of law and order

Economics professor Sandy Ikeda hits the nail on the head with his Freeman piece today. Every passage in the piece is eminently quotable, but here’s perhaps the best: “Governments equate order with control. They view society not as what happens when people freely follow their own plans, but as a machine they must consciously direct,Continue Reading