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NC State Board of Education Work Session Highlights

This week the North Carolina State Board of Education is meeting at UNC Charlotte for their fall work session retreat. The State Board immediately began by reviewing their “Strategic Plan.” The updated plan included the 2013-14 data. Almost a year ago, the State Board assigned proposed percentage targets to measure whether their goals were beingContinue Reading

Another weak Krugman argument for expanding the government

Paul Krugman has an endless stream of arguments for expanding our already monstrously bloated state. One of them is that the wealth of rich people is harmful to people who are not wealthy, and therefore the state should impose heavy (of course, heavier is more accurate) taxes on them. There are many problems with thatContinue Reading

Charlotte based Bank of America fined by the SEC

According to the Charlotte Observer, Bank of America has agreed to pay a $7.65 million civil penalty to settle charges resulting from the Charlotte bank’s multibillion-dollar miscalculation of its capital ratios, a regulator said Monday. The penalty announced by the Securities and Exchange Commission comes after the bank disclosed in April that it had incorrectlyContinue Reading

NC History: rich, interesting and worth celebrating!

Interested in NC history?  And really, who isn’t.  Many battles fought on NC soil determined the fate of freedom in the United States.  A decisive battle was fought on Kings Mountain in Cleveland County, some experts refer to this battle as the turning point in the Revolutionary War. According to a NC History Project entry,Continue Reading

CEOs are vastly overpaid!

That’s another trope of the statists, always eager to make political hay by capitalizing on envy. The AFL-CIO, for example, tosses around figures that purport to show that corporate presidents earn hundreds of times more than their employees. In this piece, economist Mark Perry looks at the data.  Instead of comparing the earnings of justContinue Reading

The party of “the little guy”

That’s what Democrats want everyone to believe, anyway. Nevertheless, some of America’s biggest plutocrats love to throw parties for Democratic candidates at their prodigious homes, not to mention showering money on them. David Boaz writes about this phenomenon in this Cato@Liberty post. Millions of “little guys” would today be much better off but for theContinue Reading

“I believe in freedom, but….”

In his latest essay, economics professor Richard Ebeling examines the very prevalent idea that while freedom is OK in the abstract, many situations call for government to step in and use coercion. The result is that freedom dies the death of a thousand cuts from a thousand “buts.” I wonder how many Americans look atContinue Reading

Value for Money?

I must confess to being a bit confused by this story about North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker’s visit to Craven County.  Evidently, Decker argued for an increase in the number of state employees and a new marketing campaign, both aimed at attracting more visitors and business to the state.  And then she said, “CurrentlyContinue Reading