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The Onion looks at elections

Here is a sharp piece on The Onion about elections. Perhaps the reason why many Americans don’t bother voting is that they look at elections the way the writer suggests — as an exercise in fear and pain.

Sales taxes and exemptions

Our friends over at Mercatus have a new study out on sales tax and exemptions. Here’s my summary in five easy steps: 1. Need more revenue, raise sales tax 2. Estimates of extra revenue is often overly optimistic 3. Everyone is in favor of a tax hike – as long as they don’t have toContinue Reading

UNC scandal didn’t just stop with athletes

In this article just published today the Pope Center’s Jane Shaw points out that: “The report notes that a Morehead-Cain scholar (those scholars receive full-ride scholarships for four years) was in danger of losing his scholarship by low grades and was directed to a paper class. He took it and saved the scholarship.” Yikes. ThisContinue Reading

Tim Carney explains the torrent of money flowing to Hagan

Columnist Tim Carney’s latest column explains why so many special interests are giving Kay Hagan so much campaign cash — she’s a practitioner of crony capitalism. That might explain her “moderate” image. She’s happy to ladle out money to all kinds of interests. Hagan wants to keep the Export-Import Bank, for example, an egregious instanceContinue Reading

Yet another reason to abolish the income tax

One of America’s worst mistakes was enacting the 16th Amendment, allowing the federal government to levy an income tax. That has fueled the relentless expansion of our leviathan state ever since. It also leads to all manner of economic distortions and blatantly unjust actions by government officials. In this piece, Sheldon Richman shows some hideousContinue Reading

National Review highlights the AP U.S. history controversy

Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center shares with National Review readers details of the current controversy surrounding changes to Advanced Placement U.S. history classes. The College Board, the private company that develops the SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) exams, recently ignited a firestorm by releasing, with little public notice, a lengthy, highlyContinue Reading

ObamaCare causing major harm in NC

The Senate Republican Policy Committee released their analysis of the premium increases reported last week by Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina for its individual insurance market plans.  And it’s not good news. Last week, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina announced that it is raising rates an average of 13.5 percent on its ObamacareContinue Reading

The myth of the gender pay gap

This 2011 article from CBS Money Watch argues that the reason why men earn more than women is because they choose higher paying professions. When apples to apples work comparisons are made, the differences disappear. Here’s the scoop. Why the Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth Men are far more likely to choose careersContinue Reading