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Some light entertainment for a Friday afternoon

Ronald and Nancy Reagan being entertained by a really funny comedy juggler.

If it weren’t for government, people wouldn’t become educated

That is among the many erroneous notions that props up statism. In today’s FEE piece, Max Borders slays it. We had effective schools long before the state got involved. When it did so, by making schooling free and subject to government control, the incentives for cost control and efficiency were undermined. Over the span ofContinue Reading

A reason why government is easy to sell and markets are not

There is a proposition in public choice economics called the “special interest effect.” It basically argues that government grows because for most government programs there are concentrated beneficiaries and diffused cost bearers. What this means is that the benefits of most government programs will fall on a relatively small and easily definable and therefor organizableContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…you think that people have a right to attend college for free, paid for by taxpayers, but do not have a right to save for college tax-free so they can pay for it themselves. (While president Obama has rescinded his proposal to abolish 529 savings plans he did so not because he changed his mindContinue Reading

How does economic growth come about?

If you listen to “progressives” like Obama, government is the essential catalyst in economic growth — more spending to “stimulate” the economy is crucial. But in the letter in today’s Wall Street Journal below, James Dorn of the Cato Institute sets the record straight. If we want economic growth, the ideal government policy is oneContinue Reading

Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

In last week’s newsletter I used the phrase “chorus of praise” to describe the media’s response to the news that Eric Holder had signed an order “prohibiting” the obnoxious practice called “equitable sharing.” (For years the DOJ has used equitable sharing to encourage state and local police to take property from people who have neverContinue Reading

An amazing “defense” of the minimum wage

Those of us who oppose coercive governmental tampering with the price system (including minimum wage laws) repeatedly note that they have adverse effects, often hurting the people they’re supposed to help. Occasionally, the interventionists admit that they do harm, but breezily say that the damage is inconsequential. Read the letter below by Don Boudreaux forContinue Reading

National School Choice Week Message Even Gets to Cuomo

Next week is National School Choice Week across the nation, with over 11,000 events. Seems NY Gov. Cuomo is getting the message, and yesterday included school choice in his State of the State address. The message: SCHOOL CHOICE IS NEEDED AND WANTED. Cuomo also proposed creating education tax-credits which, as the name suggests, allow peopleContinue Reading