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Do Armed Civilians Ever Stop Mass Shootings?

The answer is, Yes! In a blog post published yesterday, Eugene Volokh describes 8 recent examples and notes that: Naturally, such examples will be rare. Even in states which allow concealed carry, there often aren’t people near a shooting who have a gun on them at the time. Many mass shootings happen in supposedly “gun-free”Continue Reading

Is the Pope referring to unfettered capitalism or crony capitalism? It can’t be both.

I find it interesting that depending on the commentator Pope Francis’ words on capitalism are being spun in two totally contradictory ways. On the one hand much of the news media is reporting that the Pope is attacking what they are calling “unfettered capitalism.” This quite likely stems from comments made by the Pope proclaimingContinue Reading

Beyond “Kludgeocracy”

Two years ago, in an article entitled “Kludgeocracy in America,” a political science professor from Johns Hopkins named Steven Teles suggested that: In recent decades, American politics has been dominated, at least rhetorically, by a battle over the size of government. But that is not what the next few decades of our politics will be about. WithContinue Reading

NCGA changes primary date. But that’s not all.

Yesterday HB 373, Elections passed the General Assembly. It does two major things – rolls North Carolina’s 2016 primary election into one day – March 15.  Primary voters will select their candidates to run for US President, US Senator, NC Council of State, NC House, NC Senate and some judicial races. Oh, and probably aContinue Reading

A Cautiously Optimistic Prognosis for Traditional North Carolina Barbecue

Washington Post food critic Jim Shahin says he came to North Carolina expecting to prepare an autopsy for traditional wood-smoked NC barbecue. He begins with an example of NC barbecue at its best–Grady’s BBQ in Dudley: Its barbecue is so good, it’s worth driving nearly three hours round-trip for a plate. That’s what Robbie Herring, 68, and his wife,Continue Reading

Charlotte Observer Follows Dr. Stoops’ Accurate Analysis

Last week the Charlotte Observer’s education writer, Ann Doss Helms, followed Dr. Stoops’ analysis regarding reliable data on student poverty percentages in schools. No surprise she did not credit him for reporting it sooner. It is the Charlotte Observer! Helms’ article: “Squishy numbers: Why it’s harder than ever to talk about poverty in CMS” highlights:Continue Reading

Proposed energy policy study commission excludes economists and any voices for the free market

The Republican controlled NC Legislature is considering a bill to establish a “Renewable Energy Economic Development Study Committee” (see pages 18-20) to examine and make recommendations regarding state public policy toward so-called renewable forms of energy like solar power, wind power, and animal waste. In light of the debates that have been going on related toContinue Reading

We’re number 16! We’re number 16!

That’s the title of a recent post by David Henderson at Econlog, in which he discusses America’s continuing fall in the economic freedom standings: Four years ago, when the then latest issue of Economic Freedom of the World was published, I wrote a post titled “We’re Number 10! We’re Number 10!” The reason: according to the study,Continue Reading