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Will Glass-Steagall come back?

An article from The Hill: Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-Minn.) said Wednesday that re-implementing Glass-Steagall, a law designed to break up big banks is “probably not realistic.” The head of the Financial Services Roundtable in Washington and a 2012 presidential contender’s comments made his comments in response to former Gov. Rick Perry’s (R-Texas) seeming supportContinue Reading

8 in every 10 Americans are in debt

Pew Charitable Trusts released a report which examined debt through the generations.  Below are some of the key findings from the report.  Click on this link if you want to read more details about the report. Key Findings 8 in 10 Americans have debt, with mortgages the most common liability. Although younger generations of AmericansContinue Reading

No Consensus on Peer Review

Peer reviewed journals have long served as the standard for academic inquiry, but the process has its problems. Some academics point to an encroaching politicization that may be affecting the process; still others suggest that peer review contributes to groupthink or a tendency to avoid originality for safe results. Yet, despite highly publicized scandals involvingContinue Reading

Raleigh’s outdoor dining limited in 6-month pilot plan

After more than a month of debate, Raleigh’s downtown bar and restaurant owners await the city council’s final vote on an outdoor dining proposal that would place curfews and seating limits on sidewalk patio areas. Passed Tuesday by the Law and Public Safety Committee, the proposal takes into account recommendations from downtown merchants and residents,Continue Reading

Our banking system was flawed, but we didn’t need the Fed

So argues Cato monetary expert, Professor George Selgin in this Cato@Liberty post. It’s rather long, but Selgin elegantly explains why the argument that the US just had to turn to central banking early in the 20th century is mistaken. If you want to understand why deregulation in banking would have served us far better than creatingContinue Reading

Durham County School Employees join state retirement plan

The Retirement Systems Division and the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer announced yesterday that Durham County School District has decided to allow its employees to participate in the NC 403(b) Program. The NC 403(b) Program is a state-sponsored defined contribution program.  Durham County School District joins 39 other districts — including Charlotte Mecklenburg, ChapelContinue Reading

Clock ticking on RPS, solar credits. 12 reasons to freeze, cap, sunset and study

North Carolina’s RPS costs: $556 Million in increased energy costs and money taken out of economy. 3,600 jobs lost because of higher energy costs $224 Million in tax give-aways and special favors Clean up and disposal costs? Unknown. No plan for decommissioning spent solar panels laden with toxins and poisons. Solution pending in HB 332Continue Reading

Zoning and the Poor

Ilya Somin has posted an interesting disucssion on the Washington Post website about the many ways in which zoning hurts the poor. He quotes from, and links to, a Mercatus Center report in which: Economist Steven Horwitz points out that restrictive zoning laws impede social mobility by making it difficult or impossible for the working class and poor toContinue Reading