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CMS board still dysfunctional

Were you expecting anything else? Per the UPoR: Thursday’s gathering of Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board members may feel a lot like the breakfast table the morning after a couple fights. Tuesday night, the board went public with rifts that members have spent more than a year trying to mend or gloss over. At a time whenContinue Reading

You’ve got to love NC’s alcohol laws—NOT!

I recently tried to use a voucher that I received for purchases from an online wine distributor. After entering the voucher number and the state where I reside the following message came up. Sorry, the state of North Carolina won’t allow you to use this voucher because of some quaint alcohol regulations. I must sayContinue Reading

US Supreme Court Puts the President’s Clean Power Plan on Hold

Yesterday I reported that representatives of 29 states and state agencies–including the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality–had asked Chief Justice Roberts for an emergency stay of the EPA’s “clean power plan” (CCP) pending appeal. Today I’m pleased to add that that request has been granted. In a terse one-page order, the Supreme Court announced that: TheContinue Reading

A quick note on minor candidates and such

As of 11pm, Vermin Supreme (181) had more votes in the New Hampshire primary than Mike Huckabee (151), Rick Santorum (106), Lindsey Graham (49), George Pataki (46), or Bobby Jindal (32).

More corporate welfare in Cary

The town of Cary is at it again.  According to The News & Observer, the town is considering an incentive grant of just over $200,000 to Kellogg’s for a $19.5 million expansion of it’s facility there.  There are several problems with this deal. The $200,000 incentive is equal to about 1% of the cost ofContinue Reading

States Request an Emergency Stay of Obama’s Clean Power Plan

On Jaunuary 29th, representives of 29 states and state agencies–including the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality–asked Chief Justice Roberts for an emergency stay of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “clean power” plan pending appeal. As Michael Greve reports at The application argues that EPA’s rule isn’t remotely legal; that states (as well as private operators such as utilities,Continue Reading

Five Sentences from One Edition of the New York Times

Last week, at the Washington Post, Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz juxtaposed five sentences from the previous weekend’s edition of the New York Times: “The State Department on Friday said for the first time that ‘top secret’ material had been sent through Hillary Clinton’s private computer server, and that it would not make public 22 of her emails becauseContinue Reading

Cultural Appropriation?

Were there Arabian motifs in California surf music? UK blogger Mick Hartley suggests that there were. He post this video of Dick Dale playing “Misirlou”: along with an extended discussion that begins: It seems too strange to digest at first, that “Misirlou,” Dale’s most widely recognized tune, is based on an Arabic-language song, or that a numberContinue Reading