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Health Care Access

This morning, I saw a headline about the increase in walk-in clinics.  According to the article, some doctors are concerned.  These clinics, such as CVS Minute Clinic, don’t offer preventative care, and they don’t offer the same continuity of care that one receives when regularly seeing the same family doctor.  Or that’s the argument. ButContinue Reading

If you leave out the rising prices inflation is low

Loose monetary policy, i.e. the Fed creating lots of new money, is the cause of inflation. And yet, with “quantitative easing,” you know QE (insert your number), the Fed has been flooding the market with new money for a number of years now and, from all reports, it’s not causing inflation. So where is allContinue Reading

Burt Folsom explains why the Ex-Im Bank should go

One of the most interesting political battles in years is the furor over the Ex-Im Bank, which does not break along party lines. The opposition to reauthorizing this subsidy-granting federal critter is being led by Republicans who actually favor free enterprise and limited government and the opposition is laden with cronyist Democrats like the odiousContinue Reading

Why are so many doctors unhappy?

That’s the question that noted healthcare economist John Goodman asks in this Forbes piece. The answer has everything to do with the increasing bureaucratization and politicization of the medical profession. That is another of the many unintended consequences of the decades of government meddling in the market for healthcare, culminating in Obamacare’s reams of regulations. AContinue Reading

Solar Farms: Building more while outlawing others. Let’s re-think this.

Duke Energy announces a new $500 Million investment in solar energy production to meet the state mandates for energy from renewable sources.  It has plans to build new solar farms in Richmond, Scotland, Duplin, Cleveland, Wilson and Beaufort counties. Meanwhile over in Granville County, county commissioners, the county manager and the planning board are consideringContinue Reading

What’s happening in Washington…..

The discussions in Washington continue to be about a Continuing Resolution (CR) and when the House and Senate will agree and vote to avoid a government shutdown and keep the federal government operating, at least until mid-December. Recent events have caused the House to debate whether or not to attach military language to the CRContinue Reading

Who’s really being unpatriotic?

It baffles me that corporations like Burger King, that are moving their headquarters out of the United States to avoid a punitive corporate income tax, are being referred to as unpatriotic or,  in the words of President Obama, corporate deserters, while politicians that continue to impose this tax  system get to play it high andContinue Reading

A very different sort of criticism of Piketty

In his big attack on capitalism, Piketty doesn’t just rely on dubious numbers and downright awful theory, he also relies on works of literature that he thinks help to prove that capitalist inequality is horrible. In this Freeman piece, Sarah Skwire and Steven Horwitz take issue with him.