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The libertarian view marriage rights: it is not the same as the same as the progressive view

ICYMI – The stifling effects of Certificate of Need

Our friend Chris Koopman from George Mason University had this op-ed in the Greensboro News and Record recently and we could not have said it better ourselves: Health care in America isn’t a topic reserved only for the federal government. Debates over its future are playing out in statehouses across the country, including North Carolina’s.Continue Reading

Good news! Exploiting the poor now smells like barbecue

As you may know, the poorest and most economically distressed counties have the highest ticket sales per adult of North Carolina Education Lottery offerings. This has been a consistent finding:   Today, The News & Observer reports: In the never-ending effort to make buying a lottery ticket new and fun, the N.C. Education Lottery has come up with this: TicketsContinue Reading

Lobbyists have already been spoken for

Hot off the press: WRAL’s Mark Binker authors an in-depth piece on the role lobbyists play in the legislative process at the General Assembly. Comparing the lobbyist community to a “third house”, his article addresses the misunderstanding many people have when it comes to lobbyists. Asserting that they are integral to the process, Binker’s thesisContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…you posted this meme on your FB page and believed that it was a real gotcha moment for the progressive cause.

Lake Wobegon Performance Measure Reveals All Community Colleges Above Average

Measuring college performance is inherently difficult. Determining whether students are successful because they attended college or simply because colleges are good at identifying talented and dedicated students is nearly impossible. Nonetheless, measuring colleges’ performance is important. Taxpayers should be able to find out whether they’re getting any value for their money. The North Carolina CommunityContinue Reading

Sensible UNC prof surrounded by “locavore” zealots

In this recent Wall Street Journal piece, UNC professor Peter Coclanis discusses the loco locavore climate around Chapel Hill. Big agra, as he terms it, has made food much less costly, yet Luddite activists are on a mission to get everyone to buy local. Of course, this mania can be found all over the U.S.Continue Reading

Good News for Harry Potter Fans

Eugene Volokh reports an important decision by the Kansas State Corporation Commission: Salazars Transportation Services, LP, d/b/a Salazar Slytherin of Gardner, Kansas is to be immediately suspended from all intrastate commercial motor carrier operations … until such time as Respondent presents to Staff verifiable evidence … documenting the correction of the safety concerns identified in the FMCSA’s DecemberContinue Reading