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More on the misuse of the Map Act

As we learned at this week’s Shaftesbury Society luncheon, North Carolina property rights are at risk by DOT road building practices under the Map Act.  This report tells us more. Ken Bell is one of hundreds property owners affected by the Map Act. You could be next. Take a long drive north from downtown GreensboroContinue Reading

The babbler in chief

America’s entrepreneurial heart beating more slowly

That’s James Pethokoukis’ observation in this AEI piece. We are getting fewer business startups than in the past. He says that doesn’t agree with the contention that entrepreneurship cannot be taught (which I find quite debatable), but the real problem is that it can be deterred. The ever-increasing cost of complying for federal and state regulations,Continue Reading

“Lyfting” the regulations from ride for service companies

One likely issue to come up in the 2015 legislative session is if, how and what to regulate ride for services companies like Uber and Lyft.  What we know is regulation stifles innovation and creativity. Government can easily regulate a successful business model right out of business.   According to a HuffPost report, the feeContinue Reading

We’re No. 13! We’re No. 13!

The latest Barron’s cover story focuses on a new ranking of states’ creditworthiness. Among Southeastern states, only Virginia (No. 7) ranks higher than North Carolina at No. 13. That’s the good news. The bad news? The ratings from Eaton Vance had North Carolina slated at No. 4 last year. This year’s top three states areContinue Reading

Problems, Solutions and a recipe for a Friday afternoon

There are a lot of problems with ObamaCare.  The roll-out was a disaster.  You can’t keep your doctor after all. And now that the employer mandate is adding thousands of workers small business owners are braced for soaring costs. Perhaps it’s time to look at direct care as another option for quality, affordable, care insteadContinue Reading

A crash course in speaking progressive

James Bovard on Gruber

James Bovard gets a “10” for this column on Jonathan Gruber’s arrogance and deceit. He’s right that progressives have to rely on such tactics to get the stupid average people to go along with what the intellectual elite absolutely knows is best for them.