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Does Wilmington needs it own RTP?

Almost certainly not, but politicians love to copy things that have succeeded elsewhere in the belief that they will be equally successful in their own jurisdictions. As Bob Smith writes here, Wilmington has decided to establish something much like Research Triangle Park. Will it be the great success that Wilmington officials hope for? Not likelyContinue Reading

Large investment banks benefiting from NC’s solar industry welfare payments

According to NC DENR (footnote 6) in their latest report on North Carolina’s renewable portfolio standard. Investors are allowed to claim a maximum of 20% of the ITC each year and are eligible to take the ITC during the first ten years after the project. ITC claims are expected to rise through 2015. Through 2012, solar accountedContinue Reading

Tough Love for the Brody Medical School

Today on the Pope Center’s website, R.E. Smith suggests that ECU’s Brody School make some much-needed reforms before the state opens up its coffers to bail the school out. Specifically, he cites a recent consultant’s report showing that the school is overstaffed and that other non-labor costs are too high as well. Specifically, he citesContinue Reading

So who else is saying NC’s renewable energy mandates may be hurting the economy?

North Carolina remains the only state in the Southeast to have enacted a REPS. As a result of this geographic isolation, long term energy prices may adversely impact economic growth and challenge recent improvements in employment in North Carolina. NC DENR, “The Energy Report: A Snapshot of North Carolina’s Energy Portfolio Seven Years After Session Law  

Why the NC Energy Ratepayers Protection Act (HB 681) is a good idea whose time has come

The John Locke Foundation has opposed North Carolina’s renewable energy standards mandate since it first passed into law as Senate Bill 3 under liberal leadership in 2007.  The imposition of this flawed regulation and unwarranted mandate, it turns out, has no environmental benefits, drives up the cost of energy (which drives up the cost ofContinue Reading

If it weren’t for specious arguments, would they have any at all?

I refer to the statist case for minimum wage hikes and against anyone who disagrees. They’re invariably based on bad logic and/or the creation of strawmen they think they can easily defeat. In that regard, consider the idea advanced in Mother Jones that because minimum wage increases in the past haven’t led to economic doom,Continue Reading

Just Throw Money at Inefficiency … That’ll Work

In public academia, there’s a simple solution when a program shows extreme inefficiency—give it more money! That may be the case with East Carolina University’s Brody School of Medicine. An outside consultant has found some costly activities that are clearly capable of being fixed, yet the university system is asking for more money without anyContinue Reading

Your Tax Dollars At Work …

… subsidizing a graduate degree in “costume-making” at UNC-Chapel Hill, to the tune of $50,000 or more per graduate. And almost all of those graduates have to leave the state to find work in their field. There seems to be no end to the list of careers that were learned on the job just aContinue Reading