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Long-term N.C. road-funding challenges

North Carolina has the second-largest network of state-maintained roads in the country and one of the nation’s highest gas taxes. Plus motor vehicles’ increased fuel efficiency means that the gas tax will bring in less revenue as time goes on. Gary Harris, executive director of N.C. Petroleum and Convenience Marketers, discussed the implications for theContinue Reading

Hood enlightens National Review readers on state tax issues

John Hood’s latest article for the print edition of National Review critiques the methodology used in the new book An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States. While sympathetic with the book’s aim, Hood takes issue with its central premise — “the proposition that state income taxes are an original sinContinue Reading

Iredell bond campaign follows playbook, uses kids as props

Cute kids. Ugly politics. More from the Our Schools First Facebook page:

Iredell schools distributing “Vote Yes” signs

From the Our Schools First Facebook page:

New Carolina Journal Online features

Carolina Journal Online reports on a new John Locke Foundation study calling for repeal or reduction of North Carolina’s capital gains tax. John Hood’s Daily Journal refutes false claims about Republican legislators and state education spending.

Tax (un)Competitiveness

The Tax Foundation has a new report out today, and it’s not exactly great news for the US.  According to their International Tax Competitiveness Index for 2014, the US ranks 32nd out of 34 countries in the OECD. This is a group of the world’s most developed economies – most of Europe, North America, Australia,Continue Reading

Who’s really being unpatriotic?

It baffles me that corporations like Burger King, that are moving their headquarters out of the United States to avoid a punitive corporate income tax, are being referred to as unpatriotic or,  in the words of President Obama, corporate deserters, while politicians that continue to impose this tax  system get to play it high andContinue Reading

N.C. can build on economic momentum by repealing or reducing state capital gains tax

North Carolina lawmakers can continue the positive economic momentum of their 2013 tax reform package by reducing or repealing the state’s tax on capital gains. That’s the recommendation from Roy Cordato’s latest John Locke Foundation Spotlight report. The current system contains a tax bias against savings, investment, and entrepreneurship. Cordato explains how a change toContinue Reading