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Local grants would be better than N.C. tax credits for historic preservation

The McCrory administration and some N.C. lawmakers want to revisit the decision to allow state historic preservation tax credits to sunset. A new JLF report explains why that sunset made sense and why local grant programs would work better than state tax credits, if lawmakers want to pursue government support of historic preservation. Learn moreContinue Reading

Taxes and working parents

Check out RealClearPolicy editor Robert VerBruggen‘s latest column, and you’ll encounter a range of right-of-center responses to President Obama’s notion of boosting tax relief for working parents who pay for child care. I actually agree with [Josh] Barro and [John C.] Goodman that dual-earner couples should not be taxed as much as single-earner couples withContinue Reading

Enough with the film incentives already!

They just won’t go away!  According to the News & Observer, “Production companies can now apply for NC film grants.”  Just wonderful. These grants are a replacement for North Carolina’s tax incentives scheme for film production, and while the Locke Foundation has argued against film incentives for years and was glad to see them go,Continue Reading

Tesla and taxpayer subsidies

Phil Kerpen examines for National Review Online readers the ties between Tesla and taxpayer largesse. It’s natural to assume the enemy of your enemy is your friend, especially when the enemy in question is big government. So it should come as no surprise that many conservatives have rallied to the side of Elon Musk andContinue Reading

Barron’s D.C. man assesses political prospects of Obama’s capital-gains tax plan

Jim McTague devotes his latest “D.C. Current” column in Barron’s to an examination of President Obama’s capital-gains tax proposal. There he goes again! President Obama wants to hike the capital gains and dividend taxes paid by the top one percent to 28% — the same rate in the 1986 tax-reform bill signed into law byContinue Reading

Want higher-paid workers? Don’t raise the capital-gains tax

Dan Mitchell writes at his International Liberty blog about the connection between capital and workers’ pay. Mitchell assesses the graphic below, which charts the relationship between investment and labor compensation. The clear message is that workers earn more when there is more capital, which should be a common-sense observation. After all, workers with lots ofContinue Reading

Hurray for lower gas prices!

Today, I saw gas in Raleigh for $1.99 a gallon.  And there was much rejoicing.  I sent an excited text.  I greeted the friend I was meeting for lunch with, “Guess what!”  I felt like I’d just gotten a raise.  Because in effect, I have.  We all have.  And that is good news. Not onlyContinue Reading

Adding new complications to the tax code? Thanks, Obamacare

Richard Pollock writes for the Daily Caller about the confusion that lies ahead for people trying to prepare tax returns in the age of Obamacare. H&R Block, the nation’s largest retail tax preparation company warns that the newly released Obamacare tax code, officially called the Affordable Care Act, is likely to confuse millions of taxpayersContinue Reading