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Never met a tax hike he didn’t like?

In contrast to Tuesday’s discussion in Raleigh about the benefits of tax rate cuts for North Carolina families and businesses, we feature in this entry an assessment from Americans for Tax Reform about the Obama administration’s record on taxes. Since taking office in 2009, President Barack Obama has formally proposed a total of 442 taxContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online on Gov. Pat McCrory’s use of Tax Day to help tout benefits of North Carolina’s recent tax reform package. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains why state legislative leaders are right when they defend North Carolina’s new opportunity scholarship program against legal challenges.

McCrory joins JLF, lawmakers, national business and legislative groups for Tax Day news conference

Tax Day marked the occasion for a news conference touting the long-term benefits of North Carolina’s 2013 state tax reform package. Gov. Pat McCrory joined Sen. Bill Rabon, R-Brunswick; Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett; John Hood, president of the John Locke Foundation; Jonathan Williams, director of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Tax and Fiscal Policy TaskContinue Reading

Academic research backs fiscal conservatives’ approach to boosting economic growth

Scouring 681 peer-reviewed academic journal articles published since 1990, John Hood reaches a clear conclusion: The research supports fiscal conservatives’ preferred state and local policies for boosting economic growth. Hood offers details in a new report. You’ll learn details here and by watching the video clip below. Hood will also discuss his research, especially theContinue Reading

Want single-payer health care? Look at Vermont first

Megan McArdle examines in a Bloomberg View column Vermont’s ambitious response to the federal Affordable Care Act. Of the plans that states have hatched for the Affordable Care Act, none has been bolder than that of Vermont, which wants to implement a single-payer health-care system, along the lines of what you might find in BritainContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on critics who label North Carolina’s Medicaid reform plan “HMOs on steroids.” Sarah Curry’s Daily Journal focuses on Tax Freedom Day.

Taking on ‘tax expenditures’

This observer is no huge fan of the term “tax expenditure,” which implies that tax revenue has been collected and spent in some way. Those who use the term “tax expenditure” are actually describing cases in which tax is not collected for one reason or another. Nonetheless, Thomas Donlan devotes his latest editorial commentary inContinue Reading

Barron’s D.C. man probes Camp tax reform plan

Jim McTague of Barron’s turns his attention in this week’s “D.C. Current” column to the lengthy tax reform plan Michigan congressman Dave Camp is pushing during his final year on Capitol Hill. Camp, a lawyer by training, is trying to close the biggest sale of his life. He wants Congress to embrace his 979-page tax-reformContinue Reading