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Redistributionists relying on the income tax? Good luck with that

James Piereson explains in the latest issue of Commentary magazine why higher income tax rates do little to advance the cause of people who want to take money from the rich and give it to the poor. Public-opinion polls over the years have consistently shown that voters overwhelmingly reject programs of redistribution in favor ofContinue Reading

Locker Room Talk: N.C. budget debate, Taxpayer Protection Act

Donna Martinez, Becki Gray, and Rick Henderson discuss N.C. budget negotiations and the proposed Taxpayer Protection Act during this week’s edition of “Locker Room Talk.”

Oregon returns surplus to taxpayers as part of a ‘kicker’ law

The state of Oregon will send $402 million back to taxpayers next year after the state had a surplus in personal income taxes.  According to The Register-Guard, The estimated median rebate under Oregon’s “kicker” law will be $124, though the value varies significantly based on income. Oregon’s kicker law was created in the 1980s asContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online on a new Tax Foundation study that highlights recent improvements in North Carolina’s business tax climate. Sarah Curry’s Daily Journal explains how support for federalism can help preserve freedom.

Sin taxes make up 2.7% of NC’s total tax collections

According to a Governing article, State sin tax collections exceeded $32 billion in fiscal year 2014, representing roughly 3.8 percent of total tax revenues. While they’re not a major source of revenue in most states, some do rely on them much more than others. Sin taxes account for the largest share of tax revenues inContinue Reading

TX comptroller releases 50-state scorecard

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts published a nifty 50-state scorecard available here.  (For the rankings in each category, go here.) The scorecard includes a number of business, economic, demographic, and tax rankings for the 50 states. For example, North Carolina ranks 2nd in business tax burden but 49th in gas tax rate.  In addition,Continue Reading

NC ranks #33 in property taxes

Businesses and Obamacare taxes

Paige Winfield Cunningham reports for the Washington Examiner on the latest tax hit associated with the Affordable Care Act. One out of four U.S. employers may soon face a steep new Obamacare tax on the insurance coverage they offer workers, unless they take steps to reduce overall spending on the plans. A new analysis releasedContinue Reading