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Shakespeare still matters

In a short blog post titled, “Shakespeare buffs will like Scalia’s King v. Burwell dissent,” Sasha Volokh points out that U.S. Supreme Court justices occasionally include references to Shakespeare in their written opinions. Volokh‘s post is a reminder of the importance of cultural literacy.  But I fear that few appear to possess it and certainly CommonContinue Reading

Education reformer Campbell Brown launches news site

Former cable TV news anchor turned education reformer Campbell Brown is launching a new project. Brent Scher of the Washington Free Beacon reports. Brown, a former CNN host, announced the launch of a non-profit education news site on Tuesday that will operate “to challenge the status quo, expose corruption and inequality, and champion the heroesContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online that parents and private schools wait anxiously for a state Supreme Court ruling on North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship Program. John Hood’s Daily Journal challenges left-leaning partisans’ sense of moral superiority.

The negative impact of majority rule on public education

Neal McCluskey of the Cato Institute shares with Washington Examiner readers two recent examples of the problems created by a public education system that relies on majority rule. There is a widespread belief that public schools are the glue that holds diverse America together. As political theorist Benjamin Barber has described them, “They are theContinue Reading

Nevada as a model for school choice

Lance Izumi of the Pacific Research Institute explains in a Daily Caller column why Nevada is offering a great example for states interested in pursuing school choice. With a landmark stroke of his pen, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval recently signed legislation establishing the nation’s first statewide school-choice education-savings-account program available to all parents, regardless ofContinue Reading

Re: AEI and charter applications

Terry is too modest to highlight this recent observation:

AEI: Charter applications have become onerous

From “The paperwork pile-up: Measuring the burden of charter school applications” by Michael Q. McShane, Jenn Hatfield, and Elizabeth English of the American Enterprise Institute:

GCS official: “Say This, Not That” for Public Schools

In the June 2015 issue of the American School Board Journal, Nora Carr, chief of staff for North Carolina’s Guilford County Schools, offers some messaging pointers for public school employees and advocates. She writes, “Borrowing from the ‘Charter School Messaging Notebook’ and public school messaging research conducted in North Carolina by the Neimand Collaborative, hereContinue Reading