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This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

After the recent high-profile U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case, the federal Affordable Care Act still faces a number of other legal challenges. Katherine Restrepo discusses the road ahead for Obamacare during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Jon Ham discusses the mainstream media’s increased reliance on press releases and decreasedContinue Reading

AFP: Trade N.C. film incentives funding for more opportunity scholarships

Americans for Prosperity has unveiled a new idea for boosting funding for North Carolina’s opportunity scholarship program. From an AFP news release: RALEIGH – With the state budget in deadlock, Americans for Prosperity urged Governor Pat McCrory and the General Assembly to put an end to expensive special interest subsidies to Hollywood film companies, andContinue Reading


According to the N.C. Division of Non-Public Education, the estimated number of homeschool students hit 98,172 during the 2013-14 school year. Just to put this in perspective: 1. This year’s enrollment represents the highest homeschool enrollment ever in North Carolina. 2. Homeschool enrollment increased by 10,194 students or 11.6 percent compared to last year. 3.Continue Reading

Gov. Pat McCrory pushes for charter school open records

Good news came from Gov. Pat McCrory’s office on Monday when he struck a blow for open government. He asked the General Assembly not to pass a bill that would exempt the names of charter school employees from public records, and threatened to veto such a bill if it reached his desk: “We need transparencyContinue Reading

About that call to expand Opportunity Scholarships …

I read recently the following. The author decried poverty in North Carolina, and among other things noted that “25% of our innocent children” and almost “40% of our children of color live in poverty.” The author says that “should shame us as a people.” The author furthermore warns against ignoring families in poverty, as ifContinue Reading

“School’s Out” Educator Rally today

For traditional calendar teachers, the school year ended earlier this month.  Some of those teachers will be in Raleigh today for the NCAE’s hootenanny. If you work in downtown Raleigh and are concerned about increased traffic from the event, do no worry.  I suspect that turnout will be low.  After all, the NCAE and alliedContinue Reading

UNC researchers seek activists’ opinion of education changes

When I want to investigate the reactions of activists toward recent education legislation, I just read the News & Observer editorial page. In all seriousness, why limit the scope of the study to “activists” whose opinion is not representative of the electorate?

Poverty center director: Keep poor kids consigned to bad schools, and don’t give them a choice

The position of director of the UNC poverty center was created as, and remains, a sinecure that gives the officeholder a free pass to promote leftist politics while doing nothing to help poor people in North Carolina. The center director’s column today in The News & Observer is fully in line with this role. TheContinue Reading